Astoria Day Trip

Take a day trip to Astoria, just across the Columbia

Throw Airplanes off the Astoria Column


Standing in the grass at the Astoria Column, make sure you watch out for low-flying aircraft. Made of balsawood. It's a tradition that has been going on at the column for years. Visitors buy small balsawood planes at the gift shop, climb to the top of the 125-foot column and launch them into the air. Shouts and laughter of children seeing how far and fast the planes will fly through the air much like the small planes.  



The Columbia River Maritime Museum is located in Astoria, just across the Columbia River. They have a number of exciting exhibits focused on the dangerous Columbia River Bar known as the Graveyard of the Pacific.

Flavel House Museum


441 Eighth Street, Astoria, Oregon


As one of the best preserved examples of Queen Anne architecture in the Northwest, the Flavel House survives today as a landmark of local and national significance. The house was built in 1884-85, for Captain George Flavel and his family. The Captain, who made his fortune through his occupation as a river bar pilot and through real estate investments, built the Flavel House as his retirement home at the age of 62. The Flavel House has been restored to accurately portray the elegance of the Victorian period and the history of the Flavel family.


Lewis and Clark National Historical Park 

92343 Fort Clatsop Road 

Astoria, OR 97103



Explore the timeless rainforests and majestic coastal vistas. Discover the rich heritage of the native people. Unfold the dramatic stories of America's most famous explorers. The park encompasses sites along the Columbia River and the Pacific Coast. Follow in the footsteps of the explorers and have an adventure in history.