Clams, Crabs, Cranberries and Oysters

Best places to find local clams, crabs, cranberries and oysters, all farmed locally


Drop a crab pot from the Port of Peninsula or hop on a charter with CoHo Charters and experience the thrill of crabbing first hand. Recreational crab fishing is a year-round activity around the Long Beach Peninsula. Let us introduce you to “the friendliest catch” on the Pacific coast.

Join the Razor Clam Digs

The Long Beach Peninsula’s razor clam season typically lasts from fall to spring. The annual Razor Clam Festival is held in April when the community comes together to celebrate the historic tradition of clam digging.

Razor Clam Information: General Info | Current Season

Learn All About the Cranberry harvest

Cranberry Museum and Gift Shop

2907 Pioneer Road • Long Beach, WA 98631




Visit 10am - 5pm Daily • April 1st - December 15th

& by appointment • Walking Tours Open Year-Round


Visit our Museum and learn both the history of this garnet colored berry as well as key phases of the industry from bog preparation and planting to marketing cranberry products.

OYSTERS! Fresh and Canned

Goose Point Oysters


7081 Niawiakum St., Hwy 101, near Bay Center, WA Phone: 360.875.6629  

Incredible views and the freshest, tastiest oysters in the Pacific Northwest. Oysters pre-shucked or in the shell, and a variety of goods. On our patio shuck your own oysters to bbq or on the half shell! In 1975, David and Maureene Nisbet began farming a mere 10 acres of tideland in the southwest corner of Washington known as Willapa Bay. Selling totes of iced oysters out of the back of a single pickup truck, the Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc. quickly captivated the taste buds if not the hearts of local seafood connoisseurs from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR and beyond.