November Events

November 8-10, 2019

First Ever Long Beach Fiber Festival

Join other fiberistas for a 2.5 day fiber festival with spinners, weavers and knitters gathering  to teach, learn, and connect with others interested in Fiber Arts. 

November 11-17, 2019

November 24-30, 2019

Razor Clam Digging!

Check for additional dates and license information  HERE

If you haven't dug for Razor clams before, you are missing out! Fun for children and senior citizens, all you need to dig is a shovel (most of our Bloomer Estates homes provide shovels), some boots and a clam license. 

Ends November 15

Wild Mushroom Celebration

Celebrate fabulous fall fungi on the Long Beach Peninsula with the annual Wild Mushroom Celebration's series of events. Chefs, innkeepers and foragers take pride in featuring and celebrating this natural treasure through the fall harvest season!