Cancellation Policy

Below Is the Bloomer Estates Vacation Rental's Cancellation Policy

Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals offers a flexible cancellation policy for all of our cabins, cottages, and homes on the Long Beach, Washington Coast.  If you cancel more than 32 days before check-in, you will be only be charged a $25.00 fee. If you cancel 31 days or less prior to check-in, you will forfeit 20% of the total cost of the reservation. However,  if must cancel due to  Covid-19 travel restrictions then the cancellation fee is 10% of the total cost of the reservation.

Additional questions answered below including when the first deposit is due and how much we require for a deposit.

What does Bloomer Estates require for a deposit?

If the booking is made  31 days or longer before the check-in date,  a deposit of 25% of the gross amount due is required to hold the reservation.

When is the final payment due?

Thirty days before the check-in date, the full amount of the rent, plus tax, service fee, damage waiver fee, and cleaning fee, will be automatically deducted from the credit card on file. At this time, the renter will receive driving directions as well as entry codes and wifi passwords.

What is the Bloomer Estates Vacation Rental's Cancellation Policy?

The rental deposit,  less $25, will be returned if the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the check-in date.​


If the tenant cancels within 30 days of the reservation, Bloomer Estates will refund their payment less than 20% of the gross amount as the cancellation fee.

See Covid-19 update if the cancellation is due to restrictions on travel due to Covid-19.