Family Fun Activities in Long Beach, Washington

Top 26 BEST Things to Do for Families on the Long Beach Washington Coast.

Take a break from your workcation and enjoy the Long Beach, Washington Peninsula with the entire family. Rain or shine, Winter or Summer, our top 25 kid-friendly activities range include; local arcades, go-karts, horseback riding, pickleball, local parks with huge playsets, mini-golf, kid-friendly museumsand walking the downtown Long Beach, Washington boardwalk.

Many Bloomer Estates vacation rentals are incredibly family-friendly, with hot tubs,  toys, pool tables, ping pong tables, video games, and foosball tables. Be sure to see our Events Calendar for the Long Beach Washington Coast and our shopping guide for other fun things to do during your stay. (updated:June23)

Teenager enjoying a game of pickleball

1. Play Pickleball!


Pickleball is making a big splash in the Long Beach peninsula, drawing enthusiasts from all corners of the Pacific Northwest. With an impressive six outdoor courts spread between two picturesque parks, and an indoor court that accommodates players all year round, the peninsula has become a hub for this exciting and family-friendly sport. Whether you're a seasoned player or just wanting to try something new during your family vacation, pickleball presents an enjoyable opportunity for everyone. Our guide at Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals can help you navigate to these courts and maximize your fun. Curious to find more suggestions on where to engage in pickleball on your next trip? Visit our webpage for an extensive list of locations and related tips, all dedicated to ensuring your family activities are filled with laughter, excitement, and memorable moments.

So why wait? Dive into the exciting world of pickleball during your stay with us at Bloomer Estates.With six outdoor courts in two parks and a year-round indoor court, people are coming from around the Pacific Northwest to the Long Beach peninsula to play pickleball.  See more ideas on where to play here. 

Go cart rides

2. Ride the Go-Karts

915 Pacific Ave Downtown Long Beach


These go-karts are super fun and very fast.  The Long Beach Go-karts are under new management and have been renovated and renewed. They are a must-stop for every child tall enough to ride.  All of our homes in downtown Long Beach are within walking distance of the go-karts.

Family holding up clam guns in Long Beach WA

3. Clam Digging!  

Don't miss the annual Clam Festival in May

Clam digging is great fun for everyone and the new season has just been announced by the fish and wildlife association. Check our Long Beach Washington Clam Digging Guide for more information.

This is a fun family-oriented event with lots to do, including an amateur chowder competition, lessons on how to dig clams, and lots of other festivities. Kids of all ages love the festivities of this annual calendar event


Horseback riding

4. Horseback Riding Tour

The tours are perfect for families and what kid doesn't want to ride a horse? Open from May through September there are two horseback riding touring companies at the beach that will fit you on the perfect horse based on your skill level. Both offer wonderful tours for couples as well as large groups. See our horseback riding guide here.

Funland arcade

5. Play Pinball, Skeeball, or Laser Tag at Funland

200 Pacific Ave S, Downtown Long Beach

Tel: 360 642-2223


Family-owned and operated in a historic building in downtown Long Beach. After extensive renovation, Funland Family Fun Center opened its doors in 1992 with used games, paper tickets, and a staff-assisted prize counter. Fast forward to today, and Funland has progressed to a state-of-the-art round card-using facility with digital tokens, virtual reality rides, touch-screen games, laser tag, and a self-serve prize store.

Putt putt golf, downtown Long Beach, WA

6. Enjoy a Round of Mini-Golf

200 Pacific Ave S, Downtown Long Beach

Tel: 360 642-222


Enjoy the new mini-golf course in downtown Long Beach, Washington, at the Fun Beach Family Fun Center. Kid-friendly and fun for the entire family! There is a second mini-golf course just behind the Banana Book Store. For serious golfers, there are two golf courses found in our  Top Things to do activities.

Woman hugging a goat

7. LJ Ranch Goat Petting

3202 318th Street Ocean Park, Washington

(On your way to Oysterville)


Fun for kids, this small family-owned business has about a dozen goats where for a small $5.00 donation, the kids can pet and hang out with. Also on sale is goat cheese, goat soap, and firewood. A visit to LJ Ranch is a fun way to entertain the children and support a local family.

Culbertson park, Long Beach WA kids swings and playset

8. Long Beach Culbertson Park

101 Washington Ave

Long Beach, Washington


Just two blocks east of downtown Long Beach on 101 Washington Avenue is the city park, with slides, swings, a baseball field, four outdoor pickleball courts, and a tennis court. Fun for everyone! The park is an easy walk from all of Bloomer Estates' downtown Long Beach vacation rentals.

Astoria Oregon Column people throwing airplanes

9. Throw Airplanes off the Astoria Column

 1 Coxcomb Dr, Astoria, Oregon


Standing in the grass at the Astoria Column, make sure you watch out for low-flying biodegradable balsa wood aircraft.  It's a tradition that has been going on at the column for years. Visitors buy the small planes at the gift shop for $1.00 each (proceeds help pay for park renovations), climb to the top of the 125-foot column, and launch them into the air. You will hear shouts and laughter of children (and adults) seeing how far and fast the planes will fly through the air, much like the small planes. The Astoria Column is the number one purchaser of these airplanes, with over 250,000 sold every year.  
Fort Columbia gun

10. Fort Columbia State Park

US 101 Fort Columbia State Park

Chinook Washington

Tel 360 777-8221


Kids love this old coastal fort with the big guns from WWII and the bunkers still intact.  Fort Columbia State Park is a 593 acre Washington state park that preserves the site of Fort Columbia. It is one of several state parks and sites that make up the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks. military and maritime history buffs will appreciate the intact historic coastal defense site. Also listed in one of the BEST museums to visit on the Long Beach Washington Peninsula.

Neptune Theater Long Beach, WA

11. Catch the Latest Movies at the Neptune Theater

809 Ocean Beach Blvd S

Downtown Long Beach

Tel: 360 6420-8888


This local Neptune Theater plays all the latest movies. Check out their specials on their website. Movies are only $6.50. The Neptune has been recently remodeled and is offering outdoor drive-in movies. All of our vacation rentals in downtown Long Beach, WA, are within walking distance to the theater. 

Discovery Trail Long Beach, WA

12, Run, bike or walk the Discovery Trail


The Discovery Trail stretches from the Port of Ilwaco to 26th Street, north of downtown Long Beach. Whether you’re on foot or on a bike, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, coastal dunes, the North Head Lighthouse, wetlands, and a coastal pine forest. Along the way, you’ll find interpretive panels commemorating the 1805 Lewis & Clark journey. See our top museums on the Long Beach Peninsula to learn more about the local history.

Candy Man Confectionery

13. Enjoy Ice Cream and Handmade Candy

Downtown Long Beach



Remember when you were a kid and had your first piece of saltwater taffy or enjoyed those enormous scoops of ice cream on your beach holiday. Pass the experience down to the next generation by vising some of the best confectionery shops anywhere on the Washington Coast.

Fort Canby State Parkig two children jumping with joy

14. Explore Fort Canby State Park

 244 Robert Grave Drive

Ilwaco, WA


Located in Cape Disappointment State Park with terrific ocean views of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, Fort Canby is a massive hit for families with kids. Children love exploring the old batteries (built-in 1906) that once housed the large guns that protected the mouth of the Columbia River from foreign fleets.  Today there are nearly 2,000 acres to explore, including Deadman's Cove, the lighthouse, and the interpretive center. Perhaps best of all, the state park made our list of the top 20 FREE things to do on the Long Beach, Washington Peninsula.

Fort Canby State Park, Lewis and Clark Museum


244 Robert Grave Drive

Ilwaco Washington



Normally we wouldn't suggest a museum for kids, but this one is AWESOME.  Located high above the ocean surf, this interpretive center takes you along the end of Lewis and Clark's journey near the exact location where they first eyed the Pacific Ocean. Children love exploring and playing in the old batteries in front of the interpretive center. 

Maritime Museum, Astoria Oregon

16.  Columbia Maritime Museum

1792 Marine Drive

Astoria, Oregon


Yes, we recommend two museums for kids! The Columbia River Maritime Museum is located in Astoria, just across the Columbia River and a 20-minute drive from Ilwaco Washington. They have a number of interesting exhibits focused on the dangerous Columbia River Bar known as the Graveyard of the Pacific.

Marsh's Free Mesuem photo of the building

17. Marsh's Free Museum

Downtown Long Beach, Washington


Marsh's Free Museum is more of a curiosity and souvenir store than a traditional museum. However, it is a must-stop for families with children. The number one attraction is Jake the Alligator Man, a half-man and half-alligator in a display case near the shop's back.  Jake is now world-famous and has been a resident of Marsh's for over 50 years now.  Marsh's is also the best place to buy seashells, with dozens of different kinds from which to choose. Don't miss the "World's Largest Chopsticks" just in front of Marsh's Museum.

Ocean Park, WA elementary school playground

18. Ocean Park Elementary School Playground

25701 Vernon Ave, Ocean Park, WA 


Near the stoplight in Ocean Park, Washington, the Long Beach Elementary school allows children to play in their playground when school is not in session. There is also a covered basketball outdoor court. This park is less than a 5-minute drive from all of our Ocean Park vacation rentals.

Ocean Park, WA elementary basketball court

19. Play basketball at the Ocean Park Elementary School

25701 Vernon Ave, Ocean Park, WA 


This playground is near the light in Ocean Park, Washington, just off the main highway.  It is part of the elementary school ( available only when school is not in session); this court is outdoors but covered and without nets on the hoops. Still, it is an excellent place for kids to play a game of basketball.  1303 Beach Retreat Vacation Rental and Weather Beach Vacation Rental are just around the corner, and many of our other Ocean Park rentals are nearby.

Boy throwing a stick in the water for a dog

20. Take Your Family Pet to the Beach


We have over 38 homes that are pet-friendly, so there is no reason to leave your best friend back in a kennel. There are over 26 miles of beach to play with your pets and they will love every minute. We have several homes with enclosed fenced yards and we have a new plan for your holiday with your pet guide

Drop Anchor Restuarant outdoor sign

21. Eat at One of our Family-Friendly Restaurants


We have a broad selection of great restaurants for families with children. Whether it is fish-n-chips, a burger, or a sit-down seafood and clam chowder dinner, these kid-friendly restaurants are perfect for the entire family.

Two people hiking

22. Hike the Many Nature Trails


Long Beach has many pet-friendly nature trails that are perfect for the entire family.  Cape Disappointment has several kid-friendly trails less than 3 miles in length with fantastic views of the lighthouses and Columbia River.  See our Best Hiking Trails Guide for more information on where to go. 

Bunnies at Paintings by Goat

23. Paint By Goats

12410 pacific way

Long Beach, WA 



Stop by to buy actual paintings by goats and talk to local homesteaders Latresha & Sumer Starling. The kids can see and pet the bunnies, goats, and sheep with supervision. Paintings by Goat is well worth a stop.  The homestead is off the main road at the top of the peninsula on Sandridge road.

Mollys Station Model train Display

24. Mollys Station 

4603 Pacific Way

Seaview Washington


The young ones will love seeing the working electric trains built over decades by the owner.  The name of their store comes from their dog Molly and she is still the greeter at the door. Inside is a vast array of collectible toys including train sets and race cars. There is comfy seating for parties of 2 to 3 inside with a bench and picnic table outside. 

Child looking at Toy Car at the car show

25. Attend Rod Run to the End of the World 2022

Children of all ages love to see the old hot rods, cruisers, and convertibles. Beach Barons Rod Run is the largest September Event on the peninsula, starting the weekend after Labor Day every year. The kiddos will especially appreciate the Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening parade of cars through downtown Long Beach, Washington.

Pizza on the peninsula

26. Take the kids out to Pizza

Everyone loves a fresh locally made custom pizza and the Long Beach Peninsula has several pizza parlors to choose from. We have done the work by selecting the best of the best.  Also, don't miss our list of Cheap Eats with great food at great prices that the young ones will love!

Game Room Lake House - Managed by: Bloomer Estates

27. Play Boardgames and Puzzles


If you're looking for a fun indoor activity to enjoy with friends and family, board games and puzzles are a perfect choice. The Lake House is stocked with a variety of games and puzzles that you can enjoy together. From classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble to challenging puzzles, you'll find something for everyone. And on a rainy day, there's no better way to pass the time than with a fun game or puzzle.