Restaurants in Long Beach, WA

The Top 25 Restaurants Restaurants in Long Beach, Washington

Long Beach, WA, offers a diverse and exciting restaurant scene, with various options to suit any taste and budget. Fresh seafood is a highlight, as the peninsula is located on the Pacific coast and benefits from an abundance of fresh fish and shellfish. Visitors can enjoy casual beachside eateries serving fish and chips and upscale seafood restaurants featuring locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. In addition to seafood, Long Beach also offers a range of international cuisines, including Mexican, Italian, and Thai, as well as classic American fares such as burgers and pizza. Overall, Long Beach's restaurant scene offers a unique blend of coastal charm, international flavors, and local ingredients. Don't forget to try the food at local events like the annual Northwest Garlic Festival.

Our list of the top 10 restaurants in Long Beach, WA has options for every occasion.  Be sure to check the hours of operation. (Updated FEB2023)