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Meet Our Local Team: Your Trusted Partner for Unforgettable Vacation Experiences and Property Management

At Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals, we take pride in providing exceptional vacation experiences on the Long Beach Peninsula and in Westport Washington for both owners and guests. With a dedicated team of over 30 local staff, we ensure that every guest enjoys personalized service, comfortable accommodations, and unforgettable memories. We also work hard to make sure homeowners get the service they deserve.

Robbie- Owner of Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals



Robbie, a Long Beach, Washington native and Ilwaco High School graduate, pursued higher education at respected institutions. He obtained a BA from Willamette University, earning Hall of Fame Runner recognition. Further degrees from Stanford University (BA, MS) and Kellogg Business School (MBA, Deans List) enriched his academic journey.


Robbie's 18-year Microsoft career involved pivotal roles in scaling small businesses to very large ones. His global adventure spanned eight years, living and working in London, Hong Kong, and Munich. In 2002, he was instrumental in launching Microsoft's first smartphone in London. His pursuit of knowledge led him to Forrester Research, where, for nearly 4 years, he gained invaluable customer experience insights.


Robbie founded Bloomer Estates in 2004, a side project alongside working at Microsoft. In 2013, he expanded by acquiring the Seaview Laundromat and relocating Bloomer Estate's offices next door. In 2018, he fully embraced his hometown business by leaving corporate life for good.   Robbie's journey reflects unwavering dedication to his hometown and entrepreneurial spirit.

Lakaela-General Manager Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals

Lakaela- General Manager


Lakaela's journey has taken her from her California roots to a lifelong connection with the Pacific Northwest. She honed her skills in the Vancouver-Portland area, earning a degree in Business Administration and Small Business Management. For over a decade, she's successfully managed a diverse range of enterprises, from small catering businesses and brick-and-mortar cafes to multi-million dollar retail stores. Her latest venture is with Bloomer Estates, where she oversees various crucial responsibilities.


Lakaela ensures the team meets its goals, tracks weekly performance and KPIs, and prioritizes exceptional guest experiences from inquiry to check-out. Moreover, she fosters relationships with property owners, ensuring their satisfaction and answering all questions, all while contributing significantly to Bloomer Estates' ongoing success.

Tadila-Business Manager

Tadila- Business Manager

Tadila is a versatile professional originally from Brazil. Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, she holds a degree in Information Systems from a Brazilian university, along with a specialization in UX/UI Design from George Washington University.


With eight years of experience as a Business Analyst, her primary goal is to harness her knowledge and skills to benefit the Bloomer Estates team. Her responsibilities include onboarding new owners, optimizing processes, and actively participating in transformative initiatives. A notable achievement includes the comprehensive overhaul of Bloomer Estates' software platform, encompassing reservations, communications, housekeeping, maintenance, and CRM systems. Additionally, Tadila manages dynamic pricing, utilizing market analysis to boost revenue for property owners. 

Dabra-Head of Housekeeping Bloomer Estates

Dabra- Head of HouseKeeping

Dabra, hailing from Forks, Washington, embarked on her journey in the housekeeping and hospitality industry as a housekeeper at Kalaloch Lodge. Her remarkable career spans an impressive 27 years.


In 2004, she made her way to Long Beach with her family, where she left her mark at several local establishments, including Anchorage Cottage, Light House Resort, and Worldmark, before finding her home at Bloomer Estates. Dabra's dedication to Bloomer Estates has spanned nearly a decade, starting as a housekeeper and advancing into a management role four years ago. She now oversees a team of 20 to 30 cleaners, always on the lookout for new talent to join their ranks. Her responsibilities include training cleaners to meet the high Bloomer Estates standards, ensuring adherence to these standards, conducting meticulous house inspections, making sure all owners are 100% satisfied with the cleanliness of their homes, and posting inspection results.


What fuels Dabra's passion for her job is the never-ending excitement it brings; there's always something to do, making each day far from boring. Her ultimate goal is to inspect every house and consistently secure 5-star reviews. 

Kyle-Head of Maintenance Bloomer Estates

Kyle- Head of Maintenance


Kyle Kronberger, a Wisconsin native, relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2009. After an I.T. career, he became a dedicated stay-at-home dad upon moving to Washington State. Returning to work, he transitioned into facility maintenance, starting at Northstar Restaurants. Rapidly advancing from a cleaning role to leadership, he managed maintenance and equipment upkeep for 15 restaurants.


In 2017, he joined the Adrift hotel family, moving from restaurant to hospitality maintenance. In 2019, Kyle assumed the role of Facility Supervisor at the historic Hotel Elliott in Astoria, OR, overseeing all aspects of facility maintenance. In June 2023, he joined Bloomer Estates and quickly rose to lead their maintenance team, contributing his extensive skills to preserve and enhance the properties under the company's care.

Karen-Customer Care and Westport

Karen-  Head of Westport Operations and Customer Care


Karen, a coastal native, has dedicated over two decades to the hotel and vacation rental industry. Starting in housekeeping, she honed her skills and rose to become an Owner Account Manager at Vacasa. She was promoted to an Account Manager and CX trainer, emphasizing guest satisfaction. In all Karen worked for Vacasa for 10 years. 


Karen's unwavering commitment to guest and owner satisfaction shines through in her work. Drawn to Bloomer Estates, she's excited to share her passion for exceptional service to homeowners and guests. In both her personal and professional life, Karen embodies coastal living's spirit, blending hospitality and dedication to excellence in the Pacific Northwest coastal communities she calls home.

Amber- Head of Customer Care

Amber- Head of Customer Care


Amber relocated from California to the picturesque Pacific Northwest five years ago. Her extensive background in the hospitality industry spans roles from housekeeping to Assistant Manager at well-known hotels like Inn at the Sea, Adrift Hotels, Cannery Pier Hotel, and The Elliott Hotel.


Amber's true passion lies in hospitality, where she finds joy in ensuring guests have exceptional experiences. In her role as Customer Care Manager at Bloomer Estates, she personally connects with every guest, addresses their needs, manages online reviews, and actively resolves any issues to enhance future guest experiences and homeowner satisfaction.


Being part of a company that prioritizes both guest and owner relationships is a source of great pride for Amber. Her favorite aspect of the job is recommending exciting activities and dining options to guests, and the ultimate reward is when they reach out to share their positive experiences. Amber eagerly anticipates continuing her journey with the Bloomer Estates team, committed to delivering top-tier service.

Vance: Consultant SEO, IT and Social Media

Vance: Consultant SEO, IT and Social Media


Vance is the mastermind behind Advanced Vocational Media Services, a company in close partnership with Bloomer Estates since 2020. Vance's skill set encompasses a wide spectrum of expertise.


In the realm of SEO, Vance's diligent work has propelled the Bloomer Estates website from 20,000 annual visitors to an impressive 120,000 and counting. This achievement has solidified Bloomer Estates' presence among the top 5 results for numerous Long Beach Washington Peninsula-related searches. Due to our superior Search Engine Optimization, today over 50% of revenue from reservations is coming from our website instead of third parties.


Vance also adeptly manages social media platforms, ensuring effective engagement and outreach. Vance's multifaceted contributions have significantly elevated Bloomer Estates' digital presence and technological prowess.

Aliscia- Housekeeper and Laundry

Aliscia- Housekeeper and Laundry


Aliscia's journey at Bloomer Estates began at the young age of 16, a place that holds familial significance, with her grandma and mom also being part of the team. Prior to this, she gained valuable experience during a year at Best Western and two years at Hungry Harbor Restaurants. At Bloomer Estates, Aliscia manages all general and house-specific laundry, alongside her full-time cleaning duties. In her leisure moments, she cherishes quality time with her daughter and dog, often exploring the outdoors through hikes, park visits, or beach outings.

Dawn-Bloomer Estates Housekeeper



Dawn is a versatile individual with a diverse background. She transitioned from being a dedicated stay-at-home mom to a seasoned Website Customer Service manager at Englund Marine, where she thrived until 2021. Her experiences include maid work in Aspen, property management in Vancouver and Portland, and a relocation from Colorado in 2005. With a loving family, including three sons, a fiancé, and two English Bull Terriers, Dawn is deeply involved in the PNW Bull Terrier Rescue community. She's passionate about DIY projects, home improvement, fishing, hunting, photography, her trusty big truck, and repurposing vintage treasures.


Robin-House Keeper


Robin, a part-time housekeeper at Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals, brings a wealth of experience and a zest for life to her role. Originally from Southern California, she holds degrees from Pepperdine University (BA) and the University of California, Santa Barbara (Teaching certification & Coaching minor). With nearly 30 years of teaching and coaching experience in Lubbock, Texas, Robin became a technology education expert. After retiring in 2012, she and her husband relocated to the Pacific Northwest, where they were youth camp caretakers near Gig Harbor. In 2014-15, they settled on the Long Beach peninsula and found joy in the coastal community. Robin's passion for travel takes her and her husband on exciting adventures. Her dedication to Bloomer Estates over the past several years not only benefits the community but also adds a little extra to her pocket.