Pet Policy

Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals Pet-Friendly Policy

We love dogs!  We have over 60 dog-friendly vacation rentals, but we need to continue to convince owners, neighbors, and the next guest that our pet policy will not impact them negatively. 

Please be considerate and follow the pet-friendly policy below, so we can continue to grow the number of pet-friendly cabins, cottages, and homes we manage. Also, be sure to see our new plan for your pet holiday blog. (Updated Jan 25,  2024)

What is Bloomer Estates' pet fee policy?

Pet Charges: We have a $25 a pet per night (plus taxes) fee to pay for extra cleaning and provide extra income to owners to encourage them to continue our pet-friendly policy. 

There is a $500 automatic charge on your credit card for every undisclosed pet in any house.



My dog is perfect, why do you need a pet policy?

We love dogs.  99% of our pet owners are plain awesome. But the 1% is causing issues such as: 


   a) Not declaring all pets or announcing after they arrive. 

   b) Roaming dogs are upsetting our neighbors, especially when they do their business in someones yard.

   c) Leaving dogs unattended in the home, barking, and scratching at doors.

   d) Not De-Fleaing pets ahead of time, leaving us un-rentable homes for several days.

   e) Allowing dogs that shed to sit on furniture and beds. Please bring pet blankets.

   f) Not picking up after pets in the yards and beach paths. 

Which homes are strictly NO PETS?

These homes do not allow pets at any time. There is a hefty fine for bringing dogs to a non-pet-friendly home, and we may ask the entire party to leave the premises.

Which vacation rentals only allow SMALL dogs (under 20 pounds) ?

These homes allow dogs, but they must be 20 pounds or under:

Vacation Haven

Sunset Romance

Seaview Beach House

Seaview Beach Apartment

Which rentals allow only small to medium (under 35 pounds) dogs?

These homes only allow pets that weigh less than 35 pounds:



Room with a View

Can I bring more than two dogs?

Some homes will allow three or more pets (see below for which ones).  If you bring an extra pet without prior approval, we will see them on the security cameras, and a $200 per pet per day fee will apply. We may also ask you to vacate the property. 

Which homes are amenable to 3 or more pets?

What do you charge for pet damage?

Our waiver fee does not include coverage for pets. We charge a $200 fee for any damage to furniture caused by dogs.

Are there leash laws in Long Beach Washington?

Yes. Please keep pets on leashes at all times. Be aware that there is a leash law in Long Beach, and the police will give tickets for loose pets. Our neighbor's number one complaint is guest's dogs running and relieving themselves in their yards. We have lost a few pet-friendly homes for this reason.   If it happens with your dog, we may ask you to vacate the property.

Do I need to clean up after my pet?

Yes.   Please clean up after your pets,  especially in the yard, on the beach paths, and at the beach. 

Can I leave my dog unattended?

Please no unattended pets, except for homes where we provide dog crates. Otherwise, do not leave any animal alone in any house, or any room, at any time. Barking dogs are a nuisance to neighbors. If a crate is provided, it must be used.  Never leave a dog alone in a condo or townhouse with neighbors next door-we will get called, and we may have to ask you to vacate.

Do I need to de-flea my dog?

You must treat all pets for fleas and ticks before arrival.  If we find ticks/fleas after departure, a $500 fee will be assessed in addition to any lost rental income as we de-flea the house. Please treat your dogs for fleas well before your arrival.

Do you allow dogs on furniture?

This is only allowed if the dog owner brings a blanket for the dog to sit or rest on.  Otherwise, please no pets on furniture without unique pet covers. 

Are you really pet-friendly-this list is long?

Yes, we love dogs, and 99% of dog owners are incredibly responsible with no incidents. The 1%, however, may ruin our pet-friendly policy for everyone.  The fines and fees are to deter the 1% from renting with Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals.