Best Seafood and Clam Chowder Restaurants

TOP 10 BEST Seafood and Clam Chowder Restaurants

Bloomer Estates recommends these great bistros, cafes, and diners for the freshest seafood on the Long Beach Washington Coast. Savor award-winning clam chowder, succulent fish and chips, fresh-caught crab, salmon cakes, and more at these top Pacific Northwest eateries.  Be sure to check out the best markets to buy fresh seafood, and if you want the thrill of the catch, see our fishing guide for the Long Beach Peninsula.   Finally, for the ultimate seafood experience, plan your trip in April –  a great month for local Seafood and Oyster Festivals. (Updated:0424)

Chef at Mycovio's Fine dining establishment




1311 Bay Ave

Ocean Park WA

Phone: 360.642.3475


-Menu-     Takeout available

Seeking a romantic spot for fresh seafood on your Long Beach weekend getaway?  MyCovio's offers a delightful dining experience just steps from the beach. Savor Chef Paul's passionate Italian cuisine with a seafood twist.  Enjoy a glass of wine as the charming Dutch chef prepares your feast. This incredible restaurant is just a 5-minute drive from our ocean view rentals in Ocean Park, WA. Be sure to tell Paul that Robbie From Bloomer Estates sent you! MyCovio's also tops our list of  Best Fine Dining eateries.  Make your Long Beach getaway unforgettable – reserve your table at MyCovio's today!

New facede of Castaways Seafood Grille

2. Castaways Seafood Grill


208 Pacific Ave S.

Long Beach WA

(360) 642-4745



Craving delicious seafood in the heart of Long Beach? Castaways Seafood Grill serves up some of the best seafood, award-winning clam chowder, and crispy fried shrimp on the Washington Coast. This family-friendly restaurant. is the perfect place to gather and enjoy the freshest flavors of the sea. Plus, Castaways is conveniently located just steps away from all of our downtown Long Beach vacation rentals - ideal for a satisfying meal after a day at the beach.

Depot Restaurant owner

3. The Depot Restaurant Menu


1208 38th Pl

Seaview, WA 

(360) 642-7880



Enjoy award-winning and highly acclaimed local-caught fresh seafood and locally farmed clam chowder in this historic 120-year-old depot with a Pacific Northwest twist. The Depot Bistro has both regional and international wine lists with six microbrews on tap. Fresh salmon, scallops, and sauteed clams are all on the menu. The Depot is included in our top 10 best restaurants and on our list of things 6 things to do on a romantic weekend. It is also within walking distance from the Bloomer Mansion and 45th Place Beach House

Drop Anchor Restaurant, Long Beach, WA

4. Drop Anchor Seafood and Grill


900 Pacific Ave. S

Long Beach WA

(360) 642-4224



For over 30 years, Drop Anchor Seafood and Grill has enjoyed a reputation for serving some of the finest locally ocean-caught seafood to be found on the Washington and Oregon Coast. They have gluten-free options on the menu. This restaurant is family-friendly and kid-friendly and is within a five-minute walk of all the fun happenings in the Downtown area. 

Crab Pot Entrance and Sign

4. The Crab Pot


1917 Pacific Ave. S

Long Beach WA 

(360) 642-8870



For over 70 years, the Crab Pot Seafood Market & Restaurant has been a must-stop for fresh clam chowder and seafood on the Long Beach Peninsula. The Crap Pot is number one in Long Beach, specializing in crab, Willapa Bay's finest oysters, chinook, and coho salmon. The Crab Pot is one of the top-rated fresh seafood markets on the Washington Coast and is within walking distance of Sandpiper Tracks vacation rental, the Bloomer Mansion, and 45th Place Beach House

Patty's Fish Tacos Entrance

5. Patty’s Fish Tacos


403 Pacific Ave

Long Beach WA 

(360 ) 244-2621



This is the best fish taco restaurant and grill anywhere on the Washington Coast. Patty’s also serves clam chowder, and fish n' chips and is famous for its delicious seafood offerings. Patty’s is next door to Akari Bungalow's and just a few minutes from SeaEsta vacation rental.  Patty’s is the number one choice for cheap places to eat on the Long Beach, Washington Peninsula.

Dylan's Cottage Bakery and Delicatessen new Sign

6. Dylan’s Cottage Bakery


118 Pacific Ave S

Long Beach WA 

(360) 642-4441



Not to be missed! Dylan’s is a fantastic bakery in Long Beach, WA. The Cottage Bakery serves all pastries but is known for its award-winning clam chowder, fresh sandwiches, homemade soups, and daily baked bread. Steps from Suite Beach and SandyToes vacation rentals. The bakery is featured in our Top 10 Best Restaurants and Best Cheap Eats.

Captains Bob Clam Chowder Sign

7. Captain Bob's Clam Chowder


409 Pacific Ave S.

Long Beach WA

(360 )642-2082



Every cup and bowl of clam chowder is served with oyster crackers and a breadstick. Captain Bob's also serves crab rolls, crab cakes, bread bowls, and fresh salads. Listed in our recommendations for cheap eats, this is a great place for the entire family.

42nd street American Bistro street facing

8. 42nd Street Cafe


4201 Pacific Way

Seaview, WA 98644

(360) 642-2323



This award-winning restaurant is known for its gourmet breakfast and classic bistro dinners. Customers enjoy fresh local seafood at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, 42nd Street has some of the best clam chowders on the peninsula. This Café is also on our recommendations for Top 10 Restaurants on the Long Beach, Washington Peninsula, Best Fine Dining, and Best Breakfast on the Washington Coast lists.



Willapa bay Seafood market front register

9. Willapa Wild


34300 1st St

Oysterville, WA 

(360) 665-6585

Formerly known as Oysterville Sea Farms, Willapa Wild is the fresh seafood and oyster capital of the Pacific Northwest. Known for their sweet nature, World Famous Willapa Bay Oysters have been sustainably harvesting oysters for over 100 years. Come learn how to shuck an oyster and maybe even find an oyster pearl. If it's your first time trying oysters, keep the tradition alive and enjoy your first oyster shooter. Then, add a little lemon or a dab of hot sauce to take your oyster cuisine to the next level. At Willapa Wild, the world is your oyster.
Willapa Wild is located at the top of the Long Beach Washingon Penisula, a great place to stop after visiting Leadbetter Point.

Willapa Artisan Kitchen

10: Willapa Artisan Kitchen


30002 Sandridge Rd.

Ocean Park WA 98640


As many of our guests will tell you, stopping by Willapa Artisan Kitchen and ordering a taste of the Pacific Northwest to have shipped home is a must. See more of our incredible Fresh Seafood Markets, or grab a bite at one of the local seafood restaurants. So come drive on up, or order online, and soon you could be enjoying; Incredible portions of full Dungeness crab legs in Mac n' Cheese. Deliciously smoked Korean spicy oysters. Great Oyster stew to keep you warm on those windy nights. Take home, or ship home, some fantastic clam chowder sure to remind you of the time on the Long Beach Peninsula. Of course, no one wants to be hindered with luggage they need to keep cold, so let them ship your delicacies home. Don't forget to tell them that Robbie from Bloomer Estates sent you.