International Kite Festival Long Beach Washington

Summer 2023 Washington State International Kite Festival

The International Kite Festival, held on the Long Beach Peninsula annually, is a much-anticipated event that attracts kite enthusiasts from around the world. This week-long, kite-flying event draws crowds of adults and children with its incredible displays of kites in various shapes, colors, and designs. The festival provides a fantastic opportunity to marvel at the beauty and diversity of kite flying. Observe daring and massive kites to the complex and intricate; there are many extraordinary arrays of kites to discover and behold. Below, the blog will cover the festival's highlights and information on where to buy kites and the best places to fly them.  (Updated March 2023)


Kites taken flight over a sunny sky

When is the event?


Third Full week in August

August 21-27, 2023

 Anyone can enjoy the week-long, Washington State International Kite Festival. Professional kite flying demonstrations highlight the talents and ingenuity of skilled kite flyers from around the world. Kites of many colors, sizes, and styles will dance and soar in the wind while spectators gaze in wonder. With designated places on the beach, the festival also provides an opportunity for individuals to fly their own kites. The celebrations are enhanced with live music, food vendors, and kid-friendly activities. The Washington State International Kite Festival is an event not to be missed; whether you are a kite aficionado or searching for a fun and exciting way to spend a week on the Long Beach Peninsula, you will not be disappointed. (Updated March 2023)




Joggers on boardwalk

Where to Watch?

 At the International Kite Festival, you can watch the event from a variety of locations. Including Beards HollowThe Discovery TrailThe Long Beach Boardwalk, and The Bolstad Beach Approach. Although the festival is held on the beach, the most popular viewing location is the half-mile-long boardwalk adjacent to the event. The boardwalk provides an excellent view of the main competitions and activities that take place on the beach and the plethora of kites dancing in the sky.(Updated March 2023)

Worlds Kite Museum

Where to Buy a Kite?


You can find a variety of kites for sale at multiple shops throughout the Long Beach Peninsula, including Wind World, Stormin' Norman's, and the World Kite Museum. In addition to offering kites of all kinds - from Fighters to Foil Kites - these stores cater to all budgets. Furthermore, the World Kite Museum provides visitors with the unique opportunity to make a kite and learn about the history of kites worldwide. All three stores are conveniently located in downtown Long Beach, just a few blocks from the festival site. So, whether you want to purchase a kite or create your own, there's something for everyone to enjoy! (Updated March 2023)

clown fish Kite just about to take flight

What are the registration fees?


ZERO!  Everyone is welcome to come out and fly a kite.

The Washington International Kite Festival is open to everyone, regardless of skill level. While there are designated areas for competitions and performances, the 28 miles of open coastline provide plenty of space for kite flying. So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll be able to find a place to fly your kite and take in the spectacular displays. Bring your kite or purchase one at the festival to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to admire the beauty of the colorful kites against the scenic backdrop of the Washington coastline. (Updated March 2023)

Man flying kite

Is Long Beach a good spot for Professional Kite Flyers?


The perfect spot!

The Washington State International Kite Festival is a hub of creativity and skill, where professional kite flyers from around the world come together to showcase their expertise in coordinated competitions and displays. These accomplished kite flyers are masters of their trade, leaving the audience amazed with their stunning displays of dexterity and artistry. The festival's highlight is undoubtedly the breathtaking kite-flying demonstrations by these accomplished flyers, which draw kite enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike. Whether you're an avid kite flyer or simply appreciate the beauty of this ancient art, attending this festival is a must-do experience. (Updated March 2023)


Family flying Kites

Is the WSIKF Family-friendly?


Absolutely! Families are encouraged to attend the Washington State International Kite Festival (WSIKF). The event offers a variety of family-friendly activities, including kite-flying competitions, workshops, and demonstrations. Also, don't forget to stop by the World Kite Museum to make your own kite and learn about the history of kites throughout the world! Whether searching for a fun day trip, or a week-long holiday, the WSIKF is an excellent option for families wishing to have a memorable time together. (Updated March 2023)