International Kite Festival Long Beach Washington

Summer 2022 Washington State International Kite Festival

The Washington State International Kite Festival is a week-long celebration in which spectacular kites of all colors, sizes, and designs decorate the skies above the Long Beach peninsula. Drawing in competitors and tourists from around the Pacific Northwest, this event features coordinated kite displays, kite battles, junior competitions, and live music. Thrown annually by the World Kite Museum, this family-fun event is open to the public. This massive gala is a must-see and has become an iconic destination for fun-loving people around the Pacific Northwest. (updated July 2022)


Man flying kite

Professional Kite Flying


Professional kite fliers flock from around the world to take part in this event in downtown Long Beach, WA. Masters of their craft, these kite flying veterans go head-to-head in competitions, create choreographed displays, and show off their flying skills. All of this makes for awe inspiring spectacle, and has made this festival renowned worldwide.

Joggers on boardwalk

The Best Place to Watch


While the Kite Festival takes place all along the beach, from Beards Hallow to Ocean Park, the most popular viewing area is the half-mile-long boardwalk near downtown Long Beach. This area sports the main events and competitions, making is easy for spectators to view the thousands of kites adorning the skies.

Long Beach Kite festival

Spectating at the Event


Although there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to fly kites to do so, flying kites isn’t for everyone. Despite this festival being a hub for professional kite fliers, the event is centered around spectators. People of all ages are encouraged to watch the extravaganza from wherever they please, cost-free. Although the boardwalk is the most popular spot for tourists to watch the week's events, many watch from cars and trucks parked along with the beach approach and on the beach.

Worlds Kite Museum

Where to Buy a Kite


Many local shops and stores sell kites along the peninsula. Most notable are Wind World, Stormin’ Norman’s and the World Kite Museum. All feature a variety of kites ranging from fighter to Foil Kites. Price ranges vary, as there are offerings for any budget. All three shops are in downtown Long Beach, only a couple blocks from where the festival is held.

Family flying Kites

Family friendly and fun for kids


Families with children love coming to the annual festival. Kid-friendly activities include kite building, watching  competitions and enjoying live musc. Families can easily appriciate the spectacle from the beach, allowing young ones to plaly in the sand. See our other family friendly-activities available during kite festival.