Long Beach Washington State Parks

You will not want to miss our amazing state parks.

Cape Disappointment State Park

Cape Disappointment State Park features sandy beaches, two working lighthouses, an old military forttrails through coastal forests, and spectacular vistas, including breathtaking ocean overlooks and quieter views of Baker Bay.  The park has old-growth forest, lakes, freshwater and saltwater marshes, streams, ocean tidelands, and a large variety of wildlife.

Fort Columbia State Park

Those with adventurous minds can almost see soldiers waiting for an enemy attack which (thankfully) never arrived. During the Cold War, Battery 246 was set up as an operations center for the governor and other high ranking state officials in the event of nuclear war.

Leadbetter Point State Park 


Leadbetter Point State Park is on the northern tip of the Long Beach Peninsula. It stretches from beach to bay and overlaps with the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. This is a unique area protecting both birds and wildlife. During certain times of the year, the trails flood with water so you will want to plan ahead.