Superior Owner Satisfaction

With over 20 years of proven excellence, and over 80 homes under management, homeowners trust Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals

100% Responsive to Owners


At Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals, responsiveness is embedded in our ethos. Our entire staff recognizes that timely communication is the cornerstone of trust and effective collaboration. Whether it's an inquiry, a concern, or a simple question, we prioritize our property owners' needs and aim to address every single inquiry within just one hour. Our commitment doesn't stop there; we aim to answer all owner calls within an hour, but guarantee a response always within 24 hours. We understand that every moment counts, especially in the dynamic realm of vacation rentals. 

No Long Term Contracts


At Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals, we believe in building relationships based on trust and proven performance rather than binding our partners with long-term contracts. We understand that flexibility is paramount in the ever-evolving vacation rental market, and property owners need to have the freedom to make decisions that best suit their interests. We're confident in the value we provide and rely on our consistent results and impeccable service to maintain strong, lasting relationships with our owners. Our approach is straightforward: deliver exceptional service every day, fostering mutual respect and understanding. 

No Hidden Fees

We operate on a foundation of transparency and trust. One of our principles is to ensure that as an owner you are never blindsided by unexpected costs. We do not charge labor for our maintenance staff for jobs that take less than 30 minutes. For anything longer than 30 minutes, we contact the owners for approval of any additional work. Our commitment to openness means that our owners can confidently plan their finances and rest assured that there won't be any unexpected expenses from our end. 

Custom Website and Listing


Bloomer Estates is dedicated to improving the property owner experience by delivering a personalized online presence for each property in our portfolio. Our approach is focused on optimizing the online listing of your property on our platform, ensuring it shines in its best light. Our team uses high-resolution photos from professional photographers and will craft your listing with the unique selling points of your home.


Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing potential renters to navigate with ease and find all the essential details they need about your property. Coupled with our commitment to search engine optimization, we ensure that your property listing reaches a wide audience.

Owner Portal 

We are committed to providing property owners with an enhanced experience through our dedicated owner portal. We offer a portal that serves as a central hub for owners to manage their properties with ease and transparency. This digital gateway is not just a tool; it's an embodiment of our promise to simplify property management for our valued partners.


Inside the portal, owners can book their own reservation for themselves or family and friends. They can access real-time information about their property's occupancy rates, financial reports, maintenance updates, and guest feedback. With an intuitive interface, the platform allows for effortless navigation and efficient management of reservations and blackout dates. 

NEW! Linens Program


Bloomer Estates recognizes the impact that quality linens have on the guest experience. Our Linen Program (fees apply) is designed to equip vacation rentals with hotel-standard linens, contributing significantly to enhanced guest satisfaction and, subsequently, improved reviews and bookings. We procure these linens at a special discounted rate for our homeowners.


The comprehensive program encompasses linens for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. If our housekeeping staff identifies any linen that's frayed, discolored, or in suboptimal condition, it is immediately replaced, ensuring the pristine presentation of your rental.

Costing is transparent and flexible: homeowners are charged for a single linen set with monthly payments. 

$2000 Coverage for Accidental Guest Damage or loss

The Vacation Rental Damage Waiver Protection Program offered by Bloomer Estates benefits both renters and property owners. Renters can enjoy their vacation worry-free, as they are relieved from financial responsibility for unintentional damages, ensuring a stress-free experience. Property owners benefit from this program as well, as it encourages more bookings and helps protect their investments. Importantly, there is no cost to property owners for this program. With the assurance of coverage for accidental damage, renters are more likely to choose their property, leading to increased occupancy rates and rental income.


Moreover, property owners can maintain the condition of their rental units while offering a hassle-free experience for their guests, fostering positive reviews and repeat business.

Owner Use of Property

Owners at Bloomer Estates enjoy the distinct advantage of unlimited use of their properties. Through our dedicated owner portal, they have seamless access to reserve their property for personal use or to accommodate guests. This user-friendly platform empowers owners to effortlessly manage their property's availability, allowing them to enjoy their vacation home whenever they desire while maintaining full control over their property's rental schedule. This flexibility not only enhances their property ownership experience but also ensures that their investment remains both profitable and accessible for personal enjoyment, creating a truly beneficial arrangement for property owners within our community.

Tax Payments

We strive to simplify property ownership for our valued clients. One of the ways we do this is by handling the financial aspect with care and efficiency. We take responsibility for paying all sales, excise, B&O, and local taxes on behalf of our property owners. This proactive approach not only ensures compliance with tax regulations but also relieves owners of the administrative burden associated with tax management.


Furthermore, we go the extra mile by providing end-of-year 1099 forms to assist our owners in filing their income taxes accurately.