Barbers and Hair Salon

Local Barbers and Hair Salons in Long Beach, Washington

Barber Shop Sirs & Hers

25211 Vernon Ave

Ocean Park WA 98640

Ocean Park(360) 665-6668


There is nothing like a small town, old-school barber shop. Support the local community and please stop by Him and Hers, chat with the locals and get a great cut.

Dicks Hair Lair

Address: 811 S Pacific Ave, Long Beach, WA 98631

Phone: (360) 642-7233


Now right downtown Long Beach, across from the Go Carts. 

Electric Car Charging Stations

406 Oregon Ave S, Long Beach, WA 986313

We have them! ONe just off the main street in downtown Washington, and the other is a Sema Connect at 409 Sid Snyder Dr, Long Beach, WA 98631