Best Breakfast Long Beach Washington

Where Is the Best Breakfast on the Long Beach Washington Coast?

Covid-19 March 2021 update: These restaurants are all open and serving takeout or eat-in. The best way to start your day is with a delicious morning meal or brunch.   This is the definitive list for the best breakfast on the Long Beach, WA Peninsula.  This joins our top picks for the best restaurants overall, the best seafood and clam chowder establishments, and the best coffee. Don't miss the fun things to do at the beach between meals.

The Cove Restaurant in Long Beach Washington Coast

The Cove Restaurant

9604 Pacific Way Long Beach, WA

360 642-2828


The Cove, rated in our Top 10 Best Restaurants, and Best Fine dining, is now serving brunch on the weekends starting at 9:00 AM! Order your "Big Daddy Breakfast Burrito" with eggs, cheddar, potatoes, spicy aioli mayo, or a classic "Eggs Benedict" with seafood options.  The Cove serves some of the best food at the beach, with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and lovely golf course views. Located across the street from Whale's Tale and Cedar at the Sea vacation rentals.

42nd Street Cafe and Bistro in Seaview Washington

42nds Street Menu

4201 Pacific Way, Seaview, WA 98644

360 642-2323


42nd Street Cafe and Bistro is a  casual place that is serious about great food. While serving amazing lunches and dinners (they rank very high on our Top Fine-Dining List and Best Seafood Restaurants), this incredible cafe has amazing fresh local seafood for breakfast or brunch. Guests love their steel-cut oatmeal, homemade muesli, or splurging on their wild blueberry waffles. What's more, is it is just a short walk from 45th Beach House and Bloomer Mansion vacation rentals. 

Olde Town Trading Post serves delicious breakfasts

Old Towne Trading Post

300 First Avenue North,  Ilwaco WA

360 777-3085


Old Towne Trading post is a perfect stop for the most important meal of the day, as well as a great place for excellent espresso and coffee. Serving breakfast all day long, customers can order from a menu that includes biscuits and gravy, sausage skillet,  egg frittatas, and pastries. They also serve amazing lunches.

Bensons at the beach is perfect for a classic breakfast

Benson's By the Beach

504 Pacific Ave S. Long Beach, WA 

360 642-3300


Benson's at the beach provides a classic beach early meal experience. It is a family-friendly eatery with several menu options, including; eggs to order, eggs benedict, omelets, waffles, ham,  bacon, and sausage.  Seafood omelets are also on the breakfast menu with a choice of halibut, shrimp, or crab. If you are looking for a classic simple breakfast cafe,  Bensons is a great value. Bensons is a short walk from Beachy Keen, Oceans12, and Vacation Haven vacation rentals.

Berry Patch Diner, Ocean Park, WA

The Berry Patch

1513 Bay Ave, Ocean Park Washington Coast 360 665-5551       Phone: (360)665-5551


There was a time before IHOP, Subway, and McDonalds when every town had these amazing family-run diners. The Long Beach Peninsula just has one remaining.   The Berry Patch is worth a stop for a good old-fashioned small-town American diner experience. For sure you will meet the locals there, and the service and food cannot be beaten. Simple, classic, American breakfast like your grandfather would have eaten. The Berry Patch is a 3-minute walk from 1303 Beach Retreat and just an 8-minute walk from Weather Beach and a short drive from our many other waterfront vacation rentals.

Sara's Rusty Spur is a great place for breakfast in the morning or a draft beer with locals in the evening

Sara's Rusty Spur Bar and Grill

1201 Bay Ave Ocean Park, WA 

360 777-3877



Sarah's Rusty Spur in downtown Ocean Park, Washington, serves breakfast by morning and pub by night. Customers love the chicken fried steak, French Toast, and building their own vegetarian omelets. Rusty's is next door to 1303 Beach Retreat, is just a 5-minute walk from Weather Beach and a short drive from our many other Ocean Park, WA vacation rentals.

roots in downtown Ilwaco serving breakfast and lunch


111 First Ave

Ilwaco Washington

360 642-7668


roots, as its name implies is a healthy drive-through stand that serves breakfast, lunch, and coffee .  For an early start, try their egg sandwich, freshly made fruit and veggie juice, and a coffee to go.  Not only do they serve great food but it is healthy as well. 



Cottage Bakery in downtown Long Beach is a local favorite

Dylan's Cottage Bakery

Downtown Long Beach Washington

118 Pacific Avenue South

360 642-4441


Dylan's Cottage Bakery is a local institution and a must-stop (or many stops) for visitors.  We have the bakery listed in our Top 10 all-time favorite restaurants, Best Cheap Eats, and best clam chowder. If you are looking for a quick stop, coffee, pastry, or scrambled eggs on an English muffin, then you definitely want to start your day at the Cottage Bakery.  Walking distance from Sunset Romance, Oceans 12, and Catch N' Relax.