Best Local Restaurants Tourists Don't Know About...Yet

Bloomer Estates Recommends

Beach Fire Barbecue

Address: 612 Pacific Ave S Long Beach, WA

Phone: (360)777-3999

Downtown Long Beach, across the street from Street Time Tacos (same owners).


New business in downtown Long Beach so I can just go on my first visit. But WOW were the ribs amazing.  The owner has a brand new high tech smoker (210 degrees 3 to 4 hours) which is how long ribs need to be smoked to come easily off the bone. They are choosing the best meats, and making their own sauces. I thought I would try them all, but I started with the sweet chili and went no further! I will have to force myself to try more sauses next time. The 1/2 rack of ribs with 2 sides and the cornbread muffin was a great deal that covered lunch and dinner for me. They also cater to up to 200 people.  


Address: 1311 Bay Ave, Ocean Park WA

Phone: (360)642-3475


Corner of Bay Avenue and North Place in Ocean Park (just west of the one Stop LIght)


This is a unique experience you won't want to miss. There are only 3 tables in this restaraunt with no reservations allowed and just 2 employees! Paul, your charming Dutch master chef from Amsterdam, is 6 foot 4 and ready to concoct a plathora of classic Italian dishes. This is not fast food: with fresh ingredients and time tested recipes, you're in for an authentic Italian meal. Come enjoy a bottle of wine, order 3 or 4 courses, and make an evening of it. The lines form at 4:00 PM and are out the door until until closing.  However,  you can put your name in, take a walk to the beach, andwithin  20 minutes of an opening the restaurant will call you. This wonderful eatery is located wihin walking distance of  1303 Beach Retreat  and Weather Beach vacation rentals, ensuring guests great food throughout their stay.  Tell Paul Bloomer Estates sent you!

Long Beach Tavern

Address: 305 Pacific Ave S., Long Beach WA 

Phone: (360)642-3235


Long Beach Tavern serves GREAT Pizza.  Its a hidden gem, few people know about it. One customer wrote : "I love I mean love the pizza here. I lived in Long Beach for a while. I recommend lbts pizza out of any pizza on the peninsula. I live in Astoria now but I still recommend lbts pizza and burgers. Good job guys don't change a thing!"

The Old Fishtrap

Address: 779 State Route 101, Chinook WA 

Phone: (360)777-8296


This customer put it perfectly: "Complete dive, that being said though they’re the NICEST BUNCH OF PEOPLE WORKING THERE AND THE FOOD IS AMAZING!!! I need to go back and try some other things. I got the prawns. Butterflied, Panko breaded, perfectly fried. They make their own sauces. I got the tartar and cocktail and found myself eating both equally. Don’t let the looks of the place fool you!!! Go! Now!!"

Pattys Fish Tacos

Address: 403 Pacific Ave, Long Beach WA 

Phone: (360)244-2621


Downtown Long Beach, WA

The best Fish tacos in town-by far! Pattys is awesome, and a must stop for anyone visiting the Long Beach Peninsula. Patty's is downtown, just next to Marshes Free Museum. 

Beach Nutrition

Address: 800 Pacific Ave S., Long Beach WA

Phone: (775)722-9009


Downtown Long Beach, across the street from the mall which is next to the go karts.


Beach Nutrition is brand new to the peninsula.   They serve protein packed shakes that last up to 3-4 hours, energy tea that naturally boosts  your metabolism, aloe that's healthy for your digestive tract, and a wellness profile that includes coaching and meal plan to help with weight and nutrition goals.  Stop by and say hello to the new owners Mary and Steve and try a nutritious and filling shake.