Best Seafood Markets

Top 5 Places to Buy Fresh Seafood on the Long Beach Washington Coast

The local markets on the Long Beach peninsula are a veritable gold mine for fresh fish. The variety of seafood alternatives available in these marketplaces will pamper your taste senses. There is something to satiate every need, from delectable oysters and chinook salmon to juicy albacore tuna, sturgeon, halibut, and the world-famous Dungeness crab that can only be found in the waters of the PNW. In addition, the harbor and beach are abundant in steamer clams, oysters, and razor clams for those who enjoy foraging for their own seafood. Our guide will help you find anything you're looking for, from "crab for sale near me" to "oysters for sale near me." The Long Beach peninsula is home to some of the most productive fishing areas on the west coast. It is situated where the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River, and Willapa Bay converge. So it's no surprise that our neighborhood eateries have received recognition for their mouthwatering seafood dishes made with the day's freshest catches. Thus, remember to include a trip to one of our seafood markets on your list of things to do and places to shop while on the Long Beach peninsula. You won't be sorry! Our local award-winning restaurants serve fresh fish and shellfish all year. (Updated: FEB23 )

Oysterville  WA Sea Farms

Oysterville Sea Farms


34300 First St.

Oysterville, WA



Oysterville Sea Farms and Oysterville Sea Farms Cannery is the first stop for anyone looking for fresh oysters and seafood on the Long Beach Washington Coast.  In addition to fresh shellfish, salmon, halibut, and sturgeon, customers have a choice of a diverse specialty food line that features cranberry condiments, cereals, spices, and bread. All of Willabay's products are made fresh in small batches without preservatives. The Sea Farms are within a 5-minute drive of all our Ocean Park, Washington vacation rentals.

Crab Pot in Long Beach WA

Crab Pot: Seafood Market and Restaurant


1917 Pacific Ave S

Long Beach, WA



The Crab Pot is a hidden gem on the Long Beach peninsula, providing a distinctive seafood market, restaurant, and lounge experience. The Crab Pot has received a new, contemporary makeover while keeping its classic appeal under new management. This is a must-stop location for seafood lovers because they have a live well where you may choose your own live Dungeness crab. Although it's a fun and engaging experience, keep your fingers away from the claws! After a meal, unwind in the lounge with a drink while enjoying the ocean views and thinking back on your delectable seafood feast. The Crab Pot is well worth a visit if you're in the area.

Oysters on the half shell

Goose Point Oysters


7081 Niawiakum St. Hwy 101

Bay Center, WA



The excellent Goose Point oysters are a must-have in any Long Beach peninsula seafood guide. These oysters are worth the trip even though they are an hour's drive from Seattle. Goose Point oysters are the pinnacle of seafood from the Pacific Northwest and are renowned for their delicate, buttery flavor and smooth texture. These oysters are hand-harvested and cultivated in the last estuary free of big industry, the waters of Willapa Bay. The flavor and freshness of Goose Point oysters won't let you down, whether you're an experienced oyster aficionado or eating them for the first time. Put them on your list of places to get fish if you're nearby.

Sportsman Cannery Indoor view

Sportsmen’s Cannery


1215 35th Street

Seaview, WA 



Since World War II, Sportsman's Cannery has been a Long Beach peninsula landmark, providing food to residents and tourists. This cannery processes game you may have caught while fishing; thus, it offers much more than canned seafood. But, as they only sell top-notch products taken within 100 miles of the store, their variety of canned seafood is to be noticed. Sportsman's Cannery carries smoked salmon, canned tuna, and even more unusual items like octopus and razor clams. Sportsman's Cannery is the place to go if you want to bring some delectable seafood from the Long Beach peninsula home to remember your trip by.

Ekone Oyster Company

Ekone Oyster Co.


378 Bay Center Road

Bay Center, WA



Located on Willapa Bay's shores in Washington state, Ekone Oyster Company is a small independent, family-run fresh oyster business. They specialize in smoked oysters, offering a variety of flavors and shucked and in-shell oyster products. Originally home to the Chinook Tribe, Willapa Bay is a large estuary in the southwest corner of Washington. It is considered the cleanest and most productive coastal ecosystem remaining in the continental United States. Here, where the Pacific Ocean's cold waters meet the rivers and streams flowing out of the Willapa Hills, they grow the Pacific oyster for processing in our cannery.

Willapa Artisan Kitchen

Willapa Artisan Kitchen


30002 Sandridge rd

Ocean Park WA 98640


As many of our guests will tell you, stopping by Willapa Artisan Kitchen and ordering a taste of the Pacific Northwest to have shipped home, is a must. See more of our incredible Fresh Seafood Markets, or grab a bite at one of the local seafood restaurants. So come drive on up, or order online, and soon you could be enjoying; Incredible portions of full Dungeness crab legs in Mac n' Cheese. Deliciously smoked Korean spicy oysters. Great Oyster stew to keep you warm on those windy nights. Take home, or ship home, some fantastic clam chowder sure to remind you of the time on the Long Beach Peninsula. Of course, no one wants to be hindered with luggage they need to keep cold, so let them ship your delicacies home. Don't forget to tell them that Robbie from Bloomer Estates sent you.