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Long Beach and Westport WA Razor Clam Guide

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Diving into the world of razor clam digging on the Long Beach Peninsula is an exhilarating experience, especially with the season spanning from early fall to early spring. This period is ideal for clam-digging aficionados. The charm of Long Beach, WA, draws thousands annually, eager to indulge in the excitement of unearthing razor clams. For the best experience, it's wise to align your visit with the clamming dates, easily accessible on our Events and Activities Calendar. Additionally, our guide to the Top 15 Things to Do in Long Beach can elevate your stay, with clam digging being a highlight for a memorable family adventure. Check your favorite house's availability now.

Clam Digging on the Long Beach Peninsula

A Brief History



The rich history of clam digging, deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, especially around the Long Beach Peninsula and Westport, is more than just a pastime; it's a cultural touchstone. Razor clams, with their significance both as a vital protein source and as trade commodities, have been central to the livelihood of the Native American communities along the Washington Coast for millennia. This enduring legacy is honored annually through the Razor Clam Festival, a tradition proudly upheld for over eight decades. Today, this practice remains a cherished aspect of the region's heritage, offering a unique experience for locals and visitors alike. To delve deeper into this fascinating history, one can explore our extensive collection on the subject at our local museums, where the tales of these coastal communities and their clamming traditions are vividly brought to life.

Family of four enjoys a fun day clamming

Family Fun for Everyone


Excavating clams along the Washington Coast is an activity everyone in the family will love. Looking for razor clams is an easy, fun, and affordable pastime that brings returning tourists to the Pacific Northwest every year. You don’t need any prior experience for this activity; everyone from little ones to grandparents can enjoy this activity. So gather the family and read on to learn how to get started.


Man digging for a clam in Ocean Park, WA

Where to Find Clams


You can look for clams anywhere on the Long Beach Peninsula and Westport, except for a few small restricted areas. And since you can drive on the beaches, looking for clams in multiple locations is a breeze. You can find all of the open razor clam beaches in the area here.  

Bowl of Clam Chowder


How to Clean and Cook Clams


Clamming is more than just a fun activity; they are also incredibly delicious to eat. The first step after digging is to clean your mollusks. Follow along with this instructional video and learn the easiest way to clean your razor clams. After they are clean, you have to decide how you want to prepare them. Check out this easy and tasty fried razor clam recipe or this classic Pacific razor clam chowder recipe


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Where to Buy Supplies


To embark on your shellfish searching adventure, you need a few things to get you started. You will need a shovel or specialized clam gun, boots, a container, and a license for those 15 or older. Many of our properties at Bloomer Estates Washington Coast Vacation Rentals already have clam guns, so check with the team before you buy anything. If there is no digging equipment in your vacation rental, then you can stop by our local department stores to buy everything you may need, including boots, clam shovels, and a net. The local pharmacies may also carry clam guns.

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Long Beach and Westport, WA, Family-Friendly Vacation Rentals


Bloomer Estates Washington Coast Vacation Rentals is the best choice for lodging when you are clam-digging in Long Beach or Westport, WA. Many of our vacation rentals already have the necessary gear and include amenities the kids will love. We even have waterfront properties steps away from the beach for endless clamming opportunities. 

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