Fishing And Seafood Markets


Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River and Willapa Bay, the Long Beach Peninsula and Pacific County are home to some of the richest fisheries on the west coast. Chinook and CoHo salmonalbacore tunahalibut, sturgeon and much more dwell just beneath the water’s surface.

Black Lake and Loomis Lake are stocked with trout, perch, and bass as well.


Pacific Salmon Charters, Inc


191 Howerton Way SE, Ilwaco, WA

Phone: 360.642.3466 or 800.831.2695


We folks at Pacific Salmon Charters got into the business by doing what we love to do every day. We are proud to share our passion for the many diverse fisheries, salmon, sturgeon, halibut, tuna, and bottom fish. We boast the largest fleet of vessels in Ilwaco, equipped with the right gear for your fishing pleasure. You will enjoy nature close at hand as we use our more than 40 years of experience to put you on the fish every day.


Shake N Bake Sportfishing


165 Howerton Ave, Ilwaco, WA

Phone: 360.562.0333

Shake N Bake Sportfishing is a live bait tuna charter operating out of Ilwaco, Washington, at the mouth of the Columbia river.  Our focus is on personalized charter trips, education, and having fun on a fast, comfortable boat.

We run a fast boat, so you can leave the dock at 7 am and be back by 6 pm and get a full day's fishing.  Our boat is the fastest big boat charter in Ilwaco, featuring a 27 knot cruise.


Oysterville Sea Farms


34300 First St., Oysterville, WA

Phone: 360.665.6585


Welcome to the Willabay Online Store. Willabay's fresh and diverse specialty food line features crannie condiments, cereals, spices and breading. All of Willabay's products are made fresh in small batches. Our products contain no preservatives, with the sole exception of Willabay Breading.

The restoration and preservation of Oysterville Sea Farms and the Oysterville Sea Farms cannery is entirely paid for from the revenue generated by your purchase of our products.


OleBob’s Seafood Market


151 Howerton Way SE, Ilwaco, WA

Phone: 360.642.4332


Welcome to OleBob's (pronounced Oly-Bobs) Seafood Grill & Market. We are a family-owned, premier retail seafood market located at the Port of Ilwaco on the Long Beach Washington Peninsula. Our market is open Thursday - Monday, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Seafood Cannery

Sportsmen’s Cannery


Seaview - 1215 35th Street, Seaview, WA | Ilwaco - 211 Howerton Way SE, Ilwaco, WA

Phone: Seaview - 360.642.2335 | Ilwaco - 360.642.3340


Custom Fish Processing: Salmon, Tuna, Halibut, Bottom Fish & Razor Clams.

Jessie’s Seafood Market


117 Howerton Way SE, Ilwaco, WA

 Phone: 360.642.3773


Jessie's Ilwaco Fish Co. has been in business for over 40 years. We sell the most fresh fish, crab and shrimp......right off the dock! Jessie's Ilwaco Fish Company is a natural resource based processing facility dependent directly on local maritime resources. We are the largest buyer of Albacore Tuna in the United States and we distribute our product worldwide.

OYSTERS! Fresh and Canned

Goose Point Oysters


7081 Niawiakum St., Hwy 101, near Bay Center, WA

Phone: 360.875.6629

Incredible views and the freshest, tastiest oysters in the Pacific Northwest. Oysters pre-shucked or in the shell, and a variety of goods. On our patio shuck your own oysters to bbq or on the half shell! In 1975, David and Maureene Nisbet began farming a mere 10 acres of tideland in the southwest corner of Washington known as Willapa Bay. Selling totes of iced oysters out of the back of a single pickup truck, the Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc. quickly captivated the taste buds if not the hearts of local seafood connoisseurs from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR and beyond.

Crab Pot: Seafood Market and Restaurant


1917 Pacific Ave S, Long Beach, WA

Phone: 360.642.8870

Dungeness Crab – Cooked or Crawlin Oysters – pints, quarts, smoked or “live” Clams – steamer or razor Salmon – WILD ONLY – no farm fish here Albacore Tuna – locally caught in summer Halibut – fresh off the boats – seasonal Cod – wide variety, changes with availability Cheese – Cougar Gold varieties Smoked Salmon – alderwood smoked OPEN AT 11.00am

Ekone Oyster Co.

378 Bay Center Road, Bay Center, WA

Phone: 360.875.5494

Hours Mon-Friday 7:00-4:00


Shucked/Live/Smoked Oysters, Smoked and Fresh Canned Albacore. Located on the shores of Willapa Bay in Washington state, Ekone Oyster Company is a small independent, family run oyster business. We specialize in smoked oysters, offering a variety of flavors, as well as shucked and in shell oyster products. Originally home to the Chinook Tribe, Willapa Bay is a large estuary in the southwest corner of Washington. It is considered the cleanest and most productive coastal ecosystem remaining in the continental United States. It is here, where the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the rivers and streams flowing out of the Willapa Hills, that we grow the Pacific oyster for processing in our cannery.