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Fishing in Washington: Angling on Long Beach Peninsula

Scattered throughout the Long Beach Peninsula near Seaview, Washington, Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals has a spectacular inventory of Washington Coast vacation rentals that are waiting to serve as the ultimate basecamp. To help you wade through a myriad of angling options, we thought to put together a simple fishing travel guide for one of the most unique and exciting things to do on the Washington Coast.  Surf fishing is listed in our top 20 free things to do while vising the peninsula.

(Updated 09/22/22)


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Log

Make sure to have the Appropriate Licenses.


As much fun as it is and as eager as you probably are to get your line wet, it's essential that you have the proper licenses for the type of fishing you are doing. Licenses vary from freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing from the shore or out with a charter. The clam digging license falls under shellfish and can either be purchased for three days at a time or the entire year. Be sure to get your license for the activities planned to avoid a not-so-pleasant trip from our Washington state department of fish and wildlife game wardens, who routinely inspect credentials and gear. Take the time to learn the rules and regulations for the sport fishing your plan on doing.

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Sports Fishing in the Pacific Northwest


Stretching over 25 miles from Washington's southern border to Willapa Bay's gateway, the Long Beach Peninsula is a contiguous extension of ruggedly charming coastline that harbors some of the most productive fisheries in the Pacific Northwest. A variety of sport fish are available from shore, and there are a few nearby Washington State fishing guides who are willing to take you and your crew out to sea.

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Pacific Northwest Outdoors: Fishing in Washington State


With long rods and heavy lines, fishermen and women from all over Washington, Oregon, and beyond descend upon Long Beach Peninsula in search of surfperch, flounder, halibut, and lingcod—just to name a few. Shrimp, minnows, and clam necks are the most commonly used baits for the Washington Coast and are highly effective. Bigger minnows and various replicas are helpful for larger species. First and foremost, you'll want to have a ten-foot rod with a decent spinning reel with a 15-pound test line. Not only will a rigid setup help you cast further, the thick 15-pound test is more resistant to snags and heavy undertows. Many of the bites are most productive near the conclusion of an incoming tide and in the early morning when the water is calmer. 

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Where to Go Fishing on the Long Beach Peninsula


Taking your pick from the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River, or Willapa Bay, the Long Beach Peninsula promises to deliver a bountiful saltwater outing. Still, you need to know where to go! In addition to the renowned coastal locations, Loomis Lake and Black Lake are stocked with trout, perch, and bass for those of you who want a freshwater experience while fishing in Washington! Furthermore, the ports of Chinook, Ilwaco, and Peninsula are excellent resources for the local angling scene. 

Surf fishing at Beards Hollow Long Beach WA

Surf Fishing in Washington

Because of its massive popularity, it’s worth noting that surf fishing on the Long Beach Peninsula is some of the best in the Pacific Northwest. Due to their spectacular abundance, one of the most prominent species to target is sea perch. Furthermore, surf perch will bite on nearly anything, making finding bait an easy accomplishment.

Port of Ilwaco Washington Boats

Where can one charter a boat?


Finally, there's no shame in asking for a bit of help, and guide services like CoHo ChartersBeacon Charters, Seabreeze Charters, and Shake N Bake Sportfishing, are here to lead the way. Primarily available for public use, Long Beach has access via many small towns along the peninsula. While driving on the beach is permissible, be careful to make sure your tires are suitable for sand. Cape Disappointment State Park is also another popular access point.

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Where can one buy fishing gear locally?


There are three locations where you tourists can get local advice on the best fishing gear to buy, and as importantly, the best bait depending on whether you are hoping to catch trout in the lakes, perch while surf fishing in the ocean, or salmon off the jetties at Cape Disappointment.


In Ilwaco, Check out Englund Marine


In Ocean Park, Washington, Jacks County Store has the best selection of gear and the best advice from local fishers. 


Dennis Company, owned by Ace Hardware in downtown Long Beach also has fishing bait and gear with an accommodating staff.

Scallop dinner

Where can you find great Seafood on the peninsula?


If you don't have time to fish, you can find award-winning restaurants serving fresh seafood all summer long.  Local markets sell fresh clams, oysters, salmon, halibut, tuna, crab, and sturgeon.


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Fishing in Washington is a unique and challenging experience that all avid anglers should highly consider. Finding a place to stay isn't always as simple as four walls and a roof. And having lodging options to meet your needs beyond the bare necessities can be the difference between a standard getaway and an extraordinary retreat. For more information on why Bloomer Estates offers so much more than Washington Coast vacation rentals, please reach out to us online or call 800-747-2096 today.