Long Beach WA October Events and Activities

October 2023 Long Beach Peninsula Calendar of Events

This October, Long Beach, Washington, will celebrate the splendor of autumn. Join the fun of this cherished local tradition as clam-digging season usually kicks off. A must-attend event is the yearly mushroom festival, where you may sample delectable wild mushroom types and discover the area's ecosystem. The climate at Long Beach, Washington, is ideal for outdoor activities and strolls, with brilliant blue sky and up to 50 miles of visibility. This October, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the Long Beach Washington Peninsula's beautiful autumnal scenery and comfortable weather. (updated:Mar23)

Boy holding a razor clam in Ocean Park WA

2023 October Approved Clam Digging Dates




If you haven't dug for Razor clams before, you are missing out! Fun for children and senior citizens, all you need to dig is a shovel (most of our Bloomer Estates homes provide shovels), some boots, and a clam license. See our Clam Digging Guide for more information. 

Oktoberfest at the old Chinook school

Oktoberfest - Chinook 


Oct. 9th, 2023

810 HWY 101 

Chinook, WA


Prepare to don your lederhosen and participate in the festivities of Oktoberfest, a community gathering happening at the Old Chinook school. Enjoy traditional cuisine, live music, and plenty of beer as you celebrate German culture. Enjoy traditional cuisines like bratwurst and sauerkraut while trying to dance to polka music. This celebration is a great chance to get to know the neighborhood and see how kind and welcome Long Beach, Washington is. Oktoberfest promises to be a remarkable event you won't want to miss, whether you're a resident or a guest.


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WIld Mushroom in Seaview WA

October 1 to November 15, 2023


Wild Mushroom Celebration


Celebrate fabulous fall fungi on the Long Beach Peninsula with the annual Wild Mushroom Celebration series of events. Chefs, innkeepers, and foragers take pride in featuring and celebrating this natural treasure through the fall harvest season!

Cranberry Harvesting Long Beach, WA

Cranberry Harvest in Long Beach, Washington


Be sure to come and see the cranberry harvest where the growers flood the fields, then "beat" the berries off the vines, and finally collect them to put on a conveyer belt into a waiting truck. Learn more about the process at the Cranberry Museum in Long Beach, WA. 

Bikers on Discovery Trail

Year-Round Activities on the Long Beach Washington Peninsula


Be sure to read more about all the year-round activities at the beach. These include over 25 Free things to do, golfing, excellent museums, and some of the best Art Galleries in the Pacific Northwest. There is plenty to do in Long Beach, WA, in all seasons.

Upstairs Theater | Bloomer Estates | Lake House

Bring the family together for indoor entertainment.


Many of our incredible vacation rentals have many indoor amenities to make the best of these notorious cloudy and rainy days here in the Pacific Northwest.

From Many fun board games to fun family activities such as Fooseball, Air hockey, and even billiards. Ready for Movie night? Select rentals have miniature theaters

ready for your party's viewing pleasure.