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Micro weddings are popular for couples looking for a more individualized and intimate ceremony in today's environment when safety and intimacy have been elevated to top priority. A lovely and unforgettable wedding day is essential to us at Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals. Our exquisite selection of vacation rentals on the stunning Long Beach Peninsula is the perfect backdrop for your special day. Hence, our vacation rental offers the ideal setting for a micro wedding, whether you want a beautiful coastal ceremony or a small gathering surrounded by lush woodlands. In addition, the abundance of romantic vacations on our website makes it simple to turn your celebration into a lavish honeymoon. So, if you want to organize the ideal micro wedding, check out our website to learn more about our gorgeous vacation properties and start organizing your special day right away! (Updated:Aug23)


If you are interested in sharing your special day with us or are looking for something extra special,  please call us a 1(800) 747-2096 (updated:mar2023)

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A Perfect Place for a Micro Wedding


The best part about having a micro wedding is that you're allowed to bend the rules a little. Although you may still be asking yourself, "What the heck is a micro wedding?" The most important thing to know is not to let your ceremony's size dictate how much fun you have! As mentioned, couples worldwide have had to make some severe alterations to their wedding plans, especially those hoping for a massive celebration. A micro wedding is a scaled-back version of a larger ceremony with no more than 30 invitees. Not all micro weddings are elopements, but it's fair to say all elopements are a type of micro wedding. The main difference is that micro weddings usually follow standard guidelines, while elopements have very few.

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Things to Consider for Your Washington Coast Micro Wedding


Although a micro wedding can be almost anywhere on the Long Beach Peninsula, Bloomer Estates' Bloomer Mansion, Knole House, Lake House, Surfview One, Two, and Three are all excellent options with plenty of space. Be sure to check our full collection! From Pacific Northwest cuisine to classic homemade classics, one of the most excellent perks to having a wedding celebration on the Long Beach Peninsula is the many dining options available to cater for your event. One of our favorite and most affordable caterers is Chef Indus at Long Beach Dragon Bowls for an incredible catering expereince. 

Emma Rose Company Wedding Photography

Emma Rose Wedding Photography


We highly recommend the Emma Rose  Company for exquisite wedding photography. Emma Rose is based in South Bend, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest. She is both a wedding photographer and a web and brand designer. She is passionate about having her photos stand out through intentional and thoughtful imagery. 

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Washington Coast Wedding Venues on the Long Beach Peninsula

Whether you decide on a micro wedding or an elopement, you'll find the Long Beach Peninsula to be a gorgeous destination. With a sizable assortment of Washington Coast rentals ranging from secluded to just minutes from town, Bloomer Estates invites you to explore all of your options. For more information or to reserve your venue, please visit us online or call 800-747-2096.