Pickle Ball in Long Beach Washington

Where Can One Play Pickleball in Long Beach and Ocean Park Washington?

Pickleball is one of America's most popular sports, with over 2.8 million players and a growth rate of over 12% yearly. Invented in the Pacific Northwest, this racket sport is relatively new to Long Beach on the Washington Coast. It is often described as a cross between tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Be sure to read about the other fun activities for families (updated:12/15/2022)

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Playtime is a FREE scheduling tool created to help people find pickleball games at their level or schedule new games. All of the courts on the peninsula are here. Join playtime and search for ocean park to see all the local courts and prepare your match today. 

Pickleball is played by people of all ages

Why is this game so popular?


Players love this game as it exercises their bodies and minds while allowing them to work on agility,  balance, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. Younger players are getting into the game with local, national, and international competitions with up to $10,000 prizes. Most people love it because it is enjoyable, family-friendly,  easy to learn, and social.

 Downtown Long Beach, WA has 4 pickleball courts

Where can you find nets, paddles, and balls for outdoor play in Long Beach, Washington?


Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals will rent four paddles, four balls, and a portable outdoor net for any of our guests. Homes with free outdoor net, balls, and paddles include Bloomer Mansion, 45th Beach House, Knole House, Knole Guest House, Surfview 1, Surfview 2, Surfview 3, and 1303 Beach House.



People love playing pickleball in Culberston Park in Long Beach Washington

Where can you play outdoors in Long Beach, Washington?


Culbertson Park at 101 Washington Avenue in Long Beach, Washington, is a multi-functional court shared with tennis. The courts are freshly painted, with two on each side of the tennis net.   It is first come, first serve... so to speak. However, the courts seem to be rarely used, especially during the off-season. Vacation rental cabins, cottages, and homes within walking distance of the park are BeachTime on 5th, Sandpiper Tracks,  Suite Beach, and  SandyToes.

Serving pickleball in outdoor court

Where can you play outdoors in Ocean Park, Washington?


The Ocean Park, WA courts are located at 25701 Ocean Beach Highway, across the Ocean Park, WA elementary school. With two dedicated outdoor courts, this is a favorite year-round spot for locals and tourists alike.   Within walking distance, vacation rentals include 1303 Beach Retreat and Weather Beach. Many of our other Ocean Park, Washington vacation rentals are within a few minutes drive.

Long beach has an indoor pickleball court for visitors

Where can you play indoors and year-round in Long Beach, Washington?


The Lighthouse Resort at 12417 Pacific Way offers two US Open tennis courts that double as pickleball courts with open play between 12:00 and 2:00 every day.