Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

Explore Answers to Common Questions from New Homeowners

Cut to the chase:

What are the Top 10 things that Bloomer Estates Property Management does better than its competitors?


1.       Local Team: We have the largest LOCAL team to service your home, with over 30 local employees who live and work in the community.


2.       Website and SEO: Our website features over 100 custom pages, showcasing everything to do, purchase, and where to eat on the Long Beach Peninsula. We have over 100,000 annual website visitors, with many of them booking homes.


3.       Five-Star Homes: We exclusively list 5-star homes, ensuring guests a consistently amazing experience. We are nearing 600 Google reviews with a 4.8-star average, far more than our competitors. We have thousands of 5-star reviews over our 20 years of managing homes.


4.       SuperHost on Airbnb: All our homes are SuperHosts on Airbnb. Join us, and your home becomes a SuperHost automatically.


5.       Higher Revenue: Our better advertising, more website traffic, 5-star homes, and SuperHost status lead to higher prices and occupancy, benefiting our homeowners with more revenue.


6.       Owner Responsiveness: Many homes switch to us due to our responsiveness, in contrast to their previous property managers. We take owner satisfaction seriously.


7.       Dynamic Pricing with Local Expertise: We use both AI-generated pricing and human intelligence to adjust rates weekly, reflecting local conditions.


8.       Maintenance Staff: We employ 3-4 full-time maintenance staff and have strong relationships with local contractors for fast issue resolution.


9.       Permitting: We handle the entire permitting process and perform all required yearly inspections for you.


10.     Laundry: We own the Seaview laundromat, located next to our office, which ensures quick turnovers for your property. We also own a 1200-square-foot storage space for all our linens and house amenities, also located next to the Seaview Laundromat.


How do I get started with Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals?


Getting started with Bloomer Estates is easy. Begin by contacting our onboarding team, who will guide you through our services. If you decide to proceed, you'll sign a management agreement, granting us access to your property for permit verification, cleaning, inspections, and creating your online listing. Our goal is to quickly get your vacation rental ready for guests.


Once your property is prepared, our comprehensive vacation rental management takes over, including:


• Managing listings on major booking platforms, including Airbnb (your home will be a SuperHost immediately), VRBO (your home will have Premier Host standing),, Expedia, TripAdvisor, LuxuryRentals, and many more.

• Providing captivating photography and compelling descriptions

• Utilizing our dynamic pricing software for pricing optimization

• Offering 24/7 on-site guest support

• Arranging professional housekeeping services


We leave no detail unattended, ensuring guest satisfaction, positive reviews, and your continued success.


Why Choose Bloomer Estates for Your Short-Term Rental?


Vacation rental management can be challenging, but Bloomer Estates simplifies it. Say goodbye to midnight guest calls, cleaning chores, and juggling multiple booking sites. With Bloomer Estates Property Management, you get more:


• 24-hour local guest support

• Professional content creation and photography

• Streamlined reservation management

• Thorough post-stay housekeeping


We leverage technology to optimize your nightly rates, all with a straightforward fee structure, no long-term contracts, and the freedom to use your property as you like.


What is the Policy on Owner Property Usage and Contracts?


Your vacation home is yours to enjoy, and you can reserve personal stays as you wish, as long as existing guest reservations are honored. Bloomer Estates Property Management imposes no limits on visitation frequency or duration. We believe in earning your long-term confidence, so there are no rigid contracts. You can cancel our agreement with just 30 days' notice, though existing reservations during that window will be honored.


What are the Property Management Fees?


Bloomer Estates Property Management keeps it simple with one comprehensive fee covering all essential services. There are no hidden fees, nickel-and-diming, or dealing with multiple vendors. Get a management fee quote today.


What is “Full-Service Vacation Rental Management”?


Full-service vacation rental management, like Bloomer Estates, takes care of every aspect, sparing homeowners from plumbing, cleaning, and troubleshooting. We handle marketing, guest requests, and post-stay cleaning, offering a one-stop solution for seamless success.


What are your comprehensive services?


Bloomer Estates offers a comprehensive suite of services, including professional listings on major booking platforms, targeted digital marketing, 24/7 guest support, housekeeping, and dynamic pricing for optimal revenue.


Does Bloomer Estates market on Airbnb?


Absolutely! We advertise your property on Airbnb and other popular channels. Additionally, we provide high-quality photography and compelling property descriptions to enhance your listing. In addition, your property will have SuperHost status on Airbnb on day one.


How does Bloomer Estates do marketing?


We prioritize not only where your property is listed but how it's presented. With strong partnerships on major vacation rental sites and our website's broad reach, we maximize your property's visibility. Our strategic marketing extends to search engines, email, social media, and more.


How do owners book their homes?


Stay informed about your vacation home easily with our homeowner account, accessible from your desktop or smartphone. Book your own vacation time, review upcoming reservations, monitor real-time revenue performance, and more. Our homeowner mobile app enhances your experience further.


How do you do pricing optimization?


We rely on industry-leading technology, factoring in variables like weather and local events, to update your home's rates multiple times daily, ensuring a full booking calendar and maximum revenue. But we don’t just rely on technology. Our expert staff reviews the pricing of every home every week to make sure your home is optimized to generate the most income.


What is your guest experience policy?

We prioritize seamless, stress-free vacations for your guests through detailed property listings, pre-stay amenities stocking, and an easy-to-use guest mobile app. After each stay, we encourage reviews.