Workcation on the Long Beach Wa Coast

Plan Your Perfect Workcation or Flexcation on the Long Beach Washington Coast

Workcations’ and Flexcations' are all the rage and it is not just during the Covid-19 era.  Working and schooling remotely will likely continue long after the pandemic. Businesses see tremendous cost savings and productivity gains in a remote workforce. Employees love the opportunity to remotely work to help them attain a healthier work-life balance, combined with a healthy lifestyle.  Kids love getting out of the house and let's face it, homeschooling is much more enjoyable at the beach, especially when there are so many great museums for kids to learn at the source, and there are so many fun things to do for kids to do after school.

Mom two small children jumping on beach at sunset

Why are people opting for Workcations and Flexcations?


With Covid-19 related travel regulations, travelers are opting to drive to locations they can reach on a tank of fuel. They want to enjoy scenic landscapes, small-town experiences, and the space, privacy, vacation rental home amenities (like ocean views and hot tubs), and easy social distancing that a hotel room cannot provide.

glasses, notebook and pen with ocean behind

 What is a Working Vacation?


‘Workcation’ is defined as “someone travels to a fun location and complete specific work tasks to a goal before you leave .”Workcations or flexcations can be a  source of productivity and creativity. Stepping away from your small home office into an environment where one always hears the ocean waves and the beach is just a few steps away can foster free-thinking and increased productivity.


Take your laptop to the beach? Why not?


Working at the Beach


Remote working from a place like Long Beach on the Washington Coast may give you the chance to lower your stress levels, restore some balance to your life and recharge your batteries. Imagine having all the comforts of an ocean view, oceanfront home, luxurious amenities including hot tubs, and lots of new fun local activities and restaurants to discover in your downtime?

woman and young girl smiling at a computer screen

What about remote schooling?


With the increase in remote learning, our vacation rental homes are equipped with all you need for both working-from-home and schooling-from-home. All our rentals have free fast WiFi, many over 200mbs. Kids will love finishing their schoolwork ("schoolcations") and heading out to the beach or enjoying many of the kid-friendly family fun activities that the Long Beach Peninsula has to offer. We also many have pet-friendly homes so the fur-kids get to come too! 

Middle Village in Chinook Washington

Teach children at the source


Let's face it. Kids are bored with learning from a screen. Why not take them to the lighthouses and show them where 2000 ships ran aground, and 700 lives were lost? Visit the jetties that helped stop the loss of maritime vessels and explain but then caused the accretion of miles and miles of new wetlands and dunes.  Walk in Lewis and Clark's footsteps. Visit the interpretive center and other museums to learn about their journey, which ended near the exact spot where you are standing. Or stop by the Middle Village Station Camp and learn about the 10,000 years before Lewis and Clark when the Chinook people thrived at the coast.  Learning remotely can be so much fun and memorable!

Arial view of 1303 yard with playset and house in the background

Featured home for working from the beach


1303 Beach Retreat has all you need to work and school away from home productively. Whoever is working (or schooling) can take the guest house for a day of privacy and quiet, while the rest of the family can enjoy the main house. The home is child-friendly and pet-friendly, with a huge fenced and enclosed yard with a playset, volleyball, horseshoes, and a firepit for after-hours fun.  1303 Beach Retreat is located in Ocean Park, Washington, with restaurants, grocery stores, art galleries, and shopping all within a few minute's walk.