Best Coffee and Tea on the Long Beach Peninsula

The TOP Bakeries and Coffee Shops in Long Beach, Washington

Discover our top 9 BEST picks for the best bakeries and coffee shops that Long Beach, Ilwaco, and Ocean Park offer. What better way to start your day than a first sip of fantastic coffee with a danish? Nothing can prepare you better for your day than a mug of expertly prepared java.  The good news is the Long Beach Peninsula has an excellent selection of cafes, bakeries, coffee shops, and drive-thus to help you start your day.  Be sure to visit our top picks for breakfast. (Updated oct 09, 2023)

Old Towne Trading Post in Ilwaco Washington

1. Old Towne Trading Post


300 First Avenue North

Downtown Ilwaco

360 777-3085


 -Menu-     Takeout available 

The Olde Towne  Trading Post is a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of Joe, made fresh with Columbia River Roasters coffee.  They are also rated as the best place for breakfast, which they serve all day long. Incredibly delicious is their veggie frittata with power greens and grape tomatoes served with toast and fruit. They also have an assortment of homemade soups and sandwiches. Check them out in our Arts and Crafts for their home brewing supplies and in our Book Stores for their selection of books. 

Bold In Long Beach WA

2. Bold 


 711 Pacific Ave N
Long Beach WA 


 -Menu-     Takeout available 

Bold is a spacious art gallery and cafe nestled on the quiet north side of the Long Beach Peninsula. Featuring locally crafted Columbia River Coffee Roasters espresso and Beach House Teas, BOLD takes pride in creating custom taste sensations with every drink. Come and relax in an art gallery setting, enjoy nature on the outdoor patio, or enjoy a learning and working space with free fast wifi.  BOLD is the ultimate home away from home office space for a workcation. Come experience the BOLD difference in Long Beach. 

roots in downtown Ilwaco Washington serves coffee and healthy breakfast and lunches

3. roots


111 First Ave North

Ilwaco, Washington 



 -Menu-     Takeout available     Drive-thru

Located in downtown Ilwaco, just past the stoplight, roots is a drive-thru with excellent coffee, espresso, and juice bar. They serve breakfast sandwiches (See our list of top breakfast places), salads, healthy smoothies, and acai bowls. For a fit stop to get you started in the morning, we highly recommend roots.

Beach Bubble Tea in Long Beach WA

4. Bubble Tea Shop


304 Pacific Ave. S

Long Beach WA



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  -Menu-     Takeout available 

What in the world is Bubble Tea? Ask the younger generation for the full version, but Bubble Tea is a not-so-new favorite making a glorious comeback. Adoption of the drink by the newest generation has propelled this classic back into the spotlight. With their all-natural ingredients, vast selection, and delectable snacks, it's no wonder this hot new business on the peninsula is booming. 

The popular Cottage Bakery in downtown Long Beach Washington

5. Dylans Cottage Bakery


118 Pacific Ave Sou

Long Beach, Washington



 -Menu-     Takeout available 

From 5:00 am until closing visitors can meet locals enjoying a cup of coffee at Dylan's Cottage Bakery.    Everyone stops at the bakery at least once, and usually multiple times during their vacation at the coast.  The Cottage Bakery made our top picks for Best Restaurant, Best Clam Chowder, and Best Breakfast.  

Diamond delights Coffee stand in Long Beach WA

6. Diamond Espresso 


1105 Pacific Ave S,

Long Beach WA 

360 642-7650


 -Menu-     Takeout available     Drive-Thur

Diamond Latte is locally owned and managed and serves fantastic coffee, lattes, cappuccinos with fast and friendly service. It is located just across the street from the Go-Karts in downtown Long Beach (where many of our Top Fun Things To Do are). Diamond Espresso is a perfect stop to grab your morning caffeine hit before heading to the beach. Diamond Latte is just around the corner from all of our downtown Long Beach, Washington vacation rentals.

Kiss of Mist Coffee Stand in Ocean Park, Washington

7. Kiss of Mist Espresso


25311 Vernon Ave,

Ocean Park WA 

360 665-3606


 -Menu-     Takeout available     Drive-Thur

Are we grabbing a latte, cappuccino, mocha, or tea on the go? The Kiss of Mist Espresso is a great little coffee stand with outstanding and friendly service. As you head to Ocean Park, Washington, from Long Beach (heading North), this stand is on your left, seven blocks before the single Ocean Park stoplight. Within an easy walk or 5-minute drive from our many ocean view vacation rental cabins and homes.

Great Escape Coffee

8. The Great Escape Coffee


201 Bolstad Ave NE

Long Beach, WA


-Menu-     Takeout available     Drive-Thur

The Great Escape is located in downtown Long Beach Washington across the street from the Post Office and Key Bank, and now with a second location next to ElCompadres Mexican Restaurant. They serve excellent lattes, cappuccinos, coffees, and baked goods.