Romantic Getaways on the Washington Coast

A romantic getaway in Washington promises to be an unforgettable retreat that reminds you why you’re together.

It’s no secret that winter is making itself known on the Long Beach Peninsula. With temperatures dropping, you may not be spending as much time on the beach as in summer, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a romantic getaway in Washington during the coldest part of the year. As much as we adore spring, summer, and fall, there is something about winter that generously lends itself to flirtation and cuddling with a special someone. There are very few things more intimate than a secluded Washington Coast cabin, and Bloomer Estates has an impressive collection of vacation properties just waiting to serve as your home away from home. Whether you’re starting a new tradition or reimagining an old one, a romantic getaway (or even a micro wedding) in Washington promises to be an unforgettable retreat that reminds you why you’re together. Today we’ll share with you six romantic things to do in Long Beach, Washington.

Long Beach, Washington Boardwalk at sunset

Stroll the Boardwalk

The Long Beach Boardwalk is a local staple that offers a perfect place to watch the sunset. A few minutes from downtown on foot, the boardwalk extends along the Washington Coast for a mile. With plenty of wide-open space, coastal panoramas, and seascape vistas to admire, it’s no wonder why so many people consider the Long Beach Boardwalk a must-see attraction. Strolling the boardwalk made our top 15 fun things to do in Long Beach Washington list.

Shallon Winery Bottles and Owner

Visit the Shallon Winery in Astoria, Oregon

One of the best parts about booking with Bloomer Estates is our proximity to the historic city of Astoria, Oregon. Not only will you and your significant other explore a new place rife with possibilities, but you can also stop by the Shallon Winery for some unique libations not found anywhere else. Overlooking a five-mile expanse of the Columbia River, Shallon’s tasting room is unlike any other in the nation.

Oysterville Sea Farms, Washington Coast

Go to Willabay at Oysterville Sea Farms

They say oysters are a natural aphrodisiac. While we’re not sure about the science behind that claim, we do know that you and your significant other will get a kick out of the historic Willabay at Oysterville Sea Farms. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any oysters or clams fresher than Willabay.

Depot Restaurant Scallop Dinner

Have Dinner at Your Washington Coast Vacation Rental

The Depot Restaurant in Seaview, Washington, boasts some of the most delectable ocean cuisines, exemplifying the Pacific Northwest. Although The Depot specializes in Washington Coast seafood, their curbside takeout menu is teeming with a stunning assortment of entrees ranging from Southern Comfort Pork to Willapa Bay Oyster Dinner. Ask them about the Fresh Local Wild “Catch of the Day” if you’re feeling venturesome! The Depot is at the top of our list of the Fine Dining and Top 7 Restaurants on the Washington Coast

Woman receiving a head massage

Get a Couples Massage at Body Essence Massage

The only thing more relaxing than getting a therapeutic massage is doing so with your favorite person! Body Essence Massage in Long Beach is sure to provide a rejuvenating experience to add to your romantic getaway in Washington. Specializing in deep tissue, structural bodywork, injury treatment, medical and sports massage therapy, owner Charlotte Rock will have you feeling refreshed and revitalized before your next Washington Coast adventure.  Please see the full lists of the other choices for Spas and Salons at the beach.  

Woman singing with bass player behind her

Go Out for a Night On The Town to listen to Live Music


Cap off a romantic weekend getaway to hear our local artists and performers.  During the summer months and much of the winter, there are multiple venues with local artists performing on the Long Beach, Washington Coast.

Sunset Romance vacation rental sunset view from the deck

Stay At Sunset Romance

Sunset Romance is the perfect vacation rental for couples looking to for that special weekend away. Located just off the Long Beach Washington Boardwalk, the views and sunsets over the Pacific Ocean are tremendous, with just a short walk to fine dining, spas, and live music venues.

Seahaven Vacation Rental Long Beach Washington Coast

Washington Coast Vacation Rentals by Bloomer Estates

From newly engaged couples to decades-long companions, the Washington Coast has something for everyone. No matter where you are in your relationship timeline, the best way to maintain its health is to go beyond expectations. We’ll even throw in a bonus idea. Book a Washington Coast vacation rental with a hot tub and fireplace, and let the passion fly! For more information or to book your stay, please visit us online or contact us here. Visit our recommended Romantic Cabins, Cottages, and homes. Be sure to learn more about our winter off-season specials.