Top Things to Do

Top 15 FUN things to Do in Long Beach

Enjoy the beach life


With 28 miles of drivable  beach there are lots of options to enjoy the beach:  Ride an electric bike along Discovery Trail, take horseback ride on the beach, build sandcastles near the surf, fly the kite you bought from a local kite shop or just stroll along the boardwalk with a double scoop ice cream cone from Scoopers. There are so many things to do here, the list goes on forever. 

Stroll the Board Walk



Take a stroll along the popular Long Beach Boardwalk, the perfect place to enjoy a sunset. Stretching miles along the coastline, the boardwalk is visited by thousands every year for spectacular views of the ocean, the North Head Lighthouse, and local wildlife. 

Tour the Lighthouse


Cape Disappointment and North Head Lighthouse are two of the 750 total lighthouses along the shores of the United States. Completed in 1856, the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse has been guiding sailors through the mouth of the Columbia River for over a century. The North Head Lighthouse, dating from 1898, guides boats and ships approaching from the north. Now, they are beautiful state parks  situated on cliffs high above the ocean, allowing spectacular views of the Washington coast and Columbia river. In addition, during the spring and summer months, North Head Lighthouse is open for tours of the interior, allowing one to take in views from the top of the lighthouse.


Hike, Bike, Run, or Walk the Discovery Trail


The Discovery Trail stretches from the Port of Ilwaco to north Long Beach, just behind the Breakers resort. It is a paved trail that meanders through dunes and forests, making it perfect for bikers, hikers and walkers to enjoy the beauty of the Washington Coast. Along the way there are several interpretive panels and sculptures commemorating Lewis & Clark’s journey, adding depth and insight to the historically rich landscape of the Long Beach Peninsula.

Savor the Fresh Seafood


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Enjoy the freshest Dungeness crab, salmon, tuna  and Willapa bay oysters at some of the best restaurants in Washington  state. With most of the seafood coming from Oysterville’s  oyster farms and the Port of Ilwaco (both just 15 minutes from downtown Long Beach), “Dining at the source” is a way of life here. With many renowned chefs and restaurants throughout the region, the exquisite cuisine is something you won’t want to miss. 

Play a round of golf at and enjoy a fabulous lunch


Peninsula Golf Course and Cove Restaurant 


Located just outside of the downtown area, this 18 hole golf course sports  meticulously cared for greens with friendly staff ready to help at a moment's notice. With pines providing necessary shade and an abundance of local wildlife in the adjacent forest, this truly is a perfect place to relax and play a round of afternoon golf. Right off of the first hole is the Cove Restaurant, one of the top rated restaurants on the peninsula, making your time at the Cove just that much better. 

Visit Jake the Aligator Man at Marsh's Free Museum


409 Pacific Ave S, Long Beach, WA 98631-4021


So many cool things to see here. This isn't your average gift shop. Marshes Free Museum has  TONS of history . One visitor wrote :"They have all of the fun usual beach items but it is like a small carnival. Penny viewers, grip testers, Jake the Alligator Man. Just a delight!"

Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating Massage

802 Pacific Ave S, Long Beach, WA 98631-3541

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One of many happy customers wrote: "I had an incredible, truly relaxing session there with Kelly today. I am in heaven, my muscles have never felt this at ease, especially in my shoulders (my problem area). I highly recommend scheduling yourself an appointment - you will not be disappointed. I will definitely be back!!"


Create lasting memories for the kids 


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Remember the beach towns when you were young, where dessert was salt water taffy or a scoop of ice cream, and you learned to drive on a go kart? That place still exists, and it’s called the Long Beach on the Washington Coast. Enjoy pinball, laser tag and video games at FUNLAND in downtown Long Beach. Ride the go-karts and play around of mini-golf in downtown.  So many great things for kids to do. Leave the smart phones and tablets  at home and get back to old-fashioned family fun.

Photo of an adult mail throwing toy airplane off of top of astoria column

Throw Airplanes off the Astoria Column


Standing in the grass at the Astoria Column, make sure you watch out for low-flying balsa wood aircraft.  It's a tradition that has been going on at the column for years and is hugely fun for kids and adults of all ages. Buy your small bio-degradable balsawood planes at the gift shop, climb to the top of the 125-foot column and launch them into the air. Adults and children alike are mesmorized by how far they fall, some all the way to downtown Astoria Oregon.

Learn about Southwest Washington History


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    An impressive history warrants impressive museums. Pacific County has both, and neither disappointment. Museums dot the area, and each one details early slices of Pacific Northwest life. The Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco preserves the legacy of the lower Columbia River and southwestern Washington, while the Willapa Bay Interpretive Center at the Port of Peninsula in Nahcotta details the 150-plus-year history of area oystermen and their families. The World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame in Long Beach boasts a collection of kites from more than two dozen countries, and the Cranberry Museum & Demonstration Farm focuses on the heritage of one of the peninsula’s most important and largest crops.  

Grab an ice cream cone at Scoopers and then stroll the boardwalk


101 Pacific Ave, Downtown Long Beach

Tel: 360 642-8388


It is difficult to leave Long Beach without at least one stop for ice cream. Scoopers offers large portions and reasonable prices for the quality of the ice cream and size of the portions. There are 64 flavors from local to standards to creative entries. They also have amazing milkshakes, Sundays, a choice of cones from sugar, cake, to homemade waffle cones. Up front they have candy, taffy, Carmel corn, and fudge. 

Join the Razor Clam Digs


The Long Beach Peninsula’s razor clam season typically lasts from fall to spring. The annual Razor Clam Festival is held in April when the community comes together to celebrate the historic tradition of clam digging.

Razor Clam Information: General Info | Current Season

Take a horseback riding tour on the beach


There are 3 places to book rides at the beach during late Spring through Summer. Easy to find, as two are right on the first beach approach in downtown Long Beach, WA.  One happy guest wrote: "This is the second time I have gone for a ride at this location. The people are friendly and they are really good at picking a horse that fits you and your riding experience. We had a lovely time."


Go fishing!


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Anglers’ dreams come true in the waters surrounding the Long Beach Peninsula. Visit one of the peninsula’s fishing charters to experience the region’s world-class fishing for yourself. The area is renowned for its salmon, tuna and crab, and bottom fish such as halibut are plentiful. The Long Beach Peninsula boasts some of the richest razor clam grounds in the nation, and Pacific County lays claim to the title of “oyster capital of the world.” The Port of Ilwaco, known as “the fishing capital of the West,” can accommodate 800 sport and commercial fishing vessels. Willapa Bay is home to some of the most-productive oyster grounds in the world, and public oyster picking is allowed along the Nahcotta Tidelands, although a shellfish permit is needed. Surfperch is popular among ocean shoreline anglers.